Hawken deploys Australian servers, mech pilots everywhere rush to suit up


By on November 23, 2012 at 6:42 pm

When we looked at Hawken, we found a great game that was desperately in need of lag-free Australian servers — so much so that we named the whole article to reflect it. Now, it seems that our prayers have been answered.

Ausgamers is reporting that the deployment of the Australian server is now complete, and players can choose “Australia” in the region drop-down box from the game’s multiplayer menu.

Local servers have also been deployed to Japan and Singapore to allow players there to experience less international lag. A closed beta event is on now until December 6 — if you haven’t already, sign up the official site.

Source: Ausgamers

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Now if only MWO would get the hint.


Oh. Now. This is excellent news!


So THAT’S what the massive lag and feeling of unresponsiveness was last time I played it, I thought it was my computer being sh!t. XD I’m a bit more keen to try it again now. :)

I’m glad that more and more companies are putting servers into Australia. Anyone think that the NBN is causing server and bandwidth costs to go down?


Excellent! Im in the Alpha/Beta but havnt bothered this event – i just changed my mind though!
Cheers GON, i wouldnt have known about this otherwise.


Hawken plays muuuuuuuuuch better now! 8D




Wicked. Haven’t played this but should consider it now :)

James Pinnell


I’m glad that more and more companies are putting servers into Australia. Anyone think that the NBN is causing server and bandwidth costs to go down?

There are a lot of facts at play, the primary one is virtualization and very cheap peering between the states.

There could be a feature on GON about this very subject at some point, stay tuned.

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