Halo 4 shows why review scores need to go: a pictorial examination

Halo 4

By on November 6, 2012 at 8:27 pm

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This is why one should not live on the Internet. You tend to get a warped idea of how to communicate with fellow humans.


Is there an alternate to review score?


This is why one should not live on the Internet. You tend to get a warped idea of how to communicate with fellow humans.

It’s what’s wrong with the world.

Also, brilliant collage haha.


Ah wow…. now to make the story complete mix in some of those publisher deals if the games gets X on metacritic articles. Face to the palm.


colsey: Is there an alternate to review score?

Not really, but people really not to understand the concept of different strokes for different folks. For instance in the film industry it’s accepted that different people are going to enjoy different types of films. It’s essential that reviewers recognise this as well though, especially for games with big passionate online communities such as MMO’s DOTA-likes and AAA FPS.

Toby McCasker

The difficulties inherent in attempting to quantify “fun” for anyone other than yourself. Numbers, however, are never fun.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with review scores, there’s just something inherently wrong with the people who write them.

Film critics get by just fine with 5 stars to play with, and while you won’t agree with every rating you sure as hell won’t see 4′s and 5′s everywhere you look. Game reviewers just need to get a grip and use the full range afforded to them rather than “on a scale of 8.9-10.0″


Metacritic has too much power. Destruction of review numbers are a must, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.


Never liked Halo, CoD got dull after MW1.
Most entertainment these franchises have given me in 5 years is laughing at the fanbois crying.
Also an 8 is a great score, so, whatever.


Interesting. I am a fan of scores for each aspect of the game e.g. gameplay, story, graphics, music etc rather than a single score to sum up the entire game. Also I don’t think one should give a single score for both SP and MP. Separate them.

Bugalugs McScruffin


No score. :D

Bugalugs McScruffin

Is there an alternate to review score?

No score. :D

That works better. >_<


I’m enjoying it.

There’s my review.

I don’t care what you think. I’m enjoying it.


5/10 to me is a great score, its your average game. This world is filled with average games

I’ve never played a 10/10 game.

Some of the best games i’ve ever played i would consider a 7 or 8/10 because they could have always tried harder.

I agree with the above comment on reviewers needing to use the full spectrum. ratings should be 1-5 aswell like movies. that way it doesnt seem like a 3 is that bad.


lol console kids at there best, halo is gay and has been since poxbox came out. flame me all you like console noobs but not a fuck was or will be given


I honestly find the ‘negatively focused’ reviews way more helpful, like the zero punctuation ones.

Pointing out all the infuriating features is much more helpful, because thats what really ruins fun. If you can read/watch a negatively focused review and go “yep, i can put up with all that” then your very likely going to have fun with a game.

And obviously, these reviews definitely dont work with any sort of numbered score system. All about highlighting specific crap features.


3/5=6/10 but doesn’t 3/5 sound a lot better than 6/10? Review scores need to move to a star system.


So I’m gonna go ahead and ask: is anyone here familiar with Edmund Husserl / The Crisis in European Sciences?


Is there an alternate to review score?

There needs to be a universal review score system. I personally think websites that give both pros and cons, as well as a score — out of ten — for individual qualities (sound, gameplay, visuals, et cetera), are giving their audience a clear guide as to why this game is what they say it is.

Just saying…

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