Get Hitman: Absolution for 35% off at Green Man

Hitman: Absolution

By on November 17, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Green Man Gaming have just sent word that you can grab Hitman: Absolution for 35% off until 11:00 PM on the 23rd of November. You’ll need the code GMG35-FGR37-COY0B, which knocks the price down to an almost hilariously good $29.

By contrast, Hitman is currently on Steam for $54, even with the 10% pre-order discount — and the Green Man purchase gives you a Steam code anyway. Regional pricing, everybody!

We recently took a look at Hitman: Absolution on PC, and found that the time IO put into the PC version was well spent.

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I just bought it off GMG for 29.25, but the code’s not working on Steam? Is that normal because the game hasn’t come out yet? Or have I got a problem here?


i would think it should work? i was just about to try it now. can you reply back if it works. it should just let you start preloading now


I’d love to. If Greenman Gaming would accept my damn card. I don’t understand how a site bigger than pretty much any other CD key store is the only CD key store that gives me trouble with transactions.



I had tremendous trouble with the site too, ended up having to use a second paypal account. The site’s prices are great, but their security is very strict and the site’s always sluggish and unresponsive for me.



Nope, keeps saying the product code is invalid. Makes me think either the code’s wrong or not meant to be used before game actually comes out.


FYI there’s a thread on the GMG forums that seems to indicate the actual keys won’t be sent (NFI why there seems to be one for me that doesn’t work) until the day of release. Another caveat is apparently the sniper challenge isn’t available via GMG either for anyone who’s interested in that.


Jez, the code you’ve received is for the Sniper challenge bonus. I did the same thing and wondered what happened. The Steam Key for the main game itself will either arrive very shortly prior to release or on the day of release. It’s discussed here:

Sucks because the game may/may not give you the DLC (TF2) bonuses if you activate the product key on release day.



Heh, just beaten me


I got it working!

The key they send you has to be registered at
You have to make a Square Enix account first. After redeeming the key GMG sends you, you get given a Steam key. The instructions are in the email GMG sends you but they are not very clear.


I’ve normally found any pre-order bonus for ordering through steam (TF2 hats) don’t apply to any keys I’ve bought from GMG.

I bought it from GMG a few days ago and got a code for the sniper challenge.

You have to make a square enix account, register the sniper challenge key you got from GMG on that account then they give you a steam serial. Pretty messed up.



How do I activate the sniper challenge?


Nvm, found it.

Is here for any other similarly lost souls.


Complete bloody clusterfuck just to get access to a pre-order thing:

1. Get given code by Greenmangaming which says Hitman Absolution and does not say Sniper Challenge.
2. Register account with Square Enix because I really need another bloody online gaming account and want to get their offers.
3. They send me a confirmation email and give me another 20-odd digit code.



Bought the Hitman: Absolution – Professional Edition from Green Man Gaming a couple months back for $40.



Awesome! Thanks for linking the site. Never heard of them before. Cheapest recent games I’ve ever seen!


They are probably the best out there. It’s a direct competitor to the steam store.

When Skyrim was on sale for steam, they had it on sale on Green man gaming beating it.

$29 bucks for a new game is pretty ridiculous


Yeah. Can’t believe their willingness to have discounts just about 24/7. Getting Aussie games for half or less over the RRP.


mcfly5: GMG35-FGR37-COY0B

If you really could be bothered over 5 bucks, you can get in contact with their support and have the difference in price credited to your GmG account.

From their facebook page:
” you can contact our CS team and they will credit your account with the difference :) -James”


Derp, dunno how my quote of that post ended up with the GmG voucher…:S wheres the damn edit button :P

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