Dishonored compliation video shows off some Killer Moves


By on November 16, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Dishonored doesn’t need anymore trailers: the game is out and pretty well received all over (especially by us). But Bethesda’s PR have stitched together this video the best user content on YouTube, showing off some Killer Moves. This is three minutes of amazing stealth kills, power combos and all the general craftiness Dishonored has to offer.

I found the video a little difficult to follow at first, but there is some amazingly cool footage — if you can get past the music, which is apparently a remix of ‘Drunken Whaler’? I couldn’t hear it. Maybe watching with the sound off will help. Let us know what you think, in any case.

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“Dishonored doesn’t need anymore trailers: the game is out and pretty well received all over (especially by is)” when did you get a kiwi accent Jess?

I agree the music is very offputting; games are not so serious as to have SERIOUS music devoted to it.


They certainly make it look more fun than what I had in my short time with it although as I don’t have half the powers they use I have nfi what’s actually going on. I should probably go back to it but it just didn’t grab me.


most of the power he used are basic powers actually..

the one most used obviously were the bend time and blink

the two quintessential powers for most of the impressive feat corvo can do…

technically some can be done without bend time even, but requires really fast and precise actions…

like the kill on the stair with the cascading whale oil canisters.


“Dishonored doesn’t need anymore trailers: the game is out and pretty well received all over (especially by is)” when did you get a kiwi accent Jess?

Haha this is totally my bad, I edited the review line in. WELP.


While I think that was a poorly edited video overall, I loved the music. I also loved all the grenade kills! It really is a fun game to just stuff around in…


Game of the year 2013, doesn’t matter what else follows in these next few months, nothing will top dishonored for some time me thinks

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