BioWare not sure if next Mass Effect should be sequel or prequel

Mass Effect 3

By on November 20, 2012 at 7:41 pm

BioWare have continued their trend of seeming not to know what their next Mass Effect game is going to be about: first they asked you for general ideas, and now they’re asking you where you think (chronologically) the next game should be set.

“Parsing through your thoughts on the next #ME game,” wrote Casy Hudson on Twitter. “Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?”

Personally, I’d be pretty keen on a prequel or three, since — as Jess pointed out to me recently — it’d be a lot easier than trying to represent all the literally galaxy-changing choices you make in Mass Effect 3. What do you lot reckon?

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I’d much prefer a sequel, I think. I don’t like playing or watching stuff when I know how things end up. If they did a prequel it’d presumably have to be on a much smaller scale to keep it unpredictable (anything too large scale could have an effect on the the original trilogy), and half the fun of the Mass Effect games is that you affect the whole galaxy.


Rachni Wars, as if there’d be any debate about it. A story driven game without the array of choices (we all knew it would end badly due to the fact that they didn’t have the budget to account for all the variables, don’t pretend you thought otherwise) could be great.


First contact war, Rachni wars as listed above, genophage, etc, there is plenty to prequel, seeing as people were not happy with the ending of 3 perhaps another sequel is not the best idea in the world.


I reckon it should be set when Bioware actually made good games. Failing that the Rachni Wars thing sounds interesting.


It should be an alternate reality concurrent timeline where they rewrite the ME3 ending.



Definitely a sequel. I want more new story not rehashed and filled out existing lore. Expand it man, push it as far as it can go.


I would really love a Mass Effect RTS. Probably a prequel if not though. First contact etc as mentioned above. As far back as the Protheans would probably be too much of an undertaking.


I think a prequel, as I think a sequel is going to annoy people straight off the bat, depending which ending they chose to keep as canon.



This.. honestly.

Due to the last time I played one of their games… 3 of them in fact…

What’s the point if it’s going to have 1 ending 5 games from now where hundreds of decisions have been made all for naught ?

Their “fix” was a hotfix and didn’t even come close to their fundamental flaw in the storyline.

The ending should’ve had completely different endings all over – story/decision driven, instead … we got some pictures. Endings should’ve ended up with complete failure just to make you replay it… and giving it some replayability.

Instead we got what we got and I can’t see me doing it again.


Bah, was meant to be a quote.


A prequel please. Very much doubt i’d bother with another Mass Effect game that’s significantly influenced by what happened in ME3.

Unworthy King

Prequel. Definitely prequel.


Honestly, I really want to see what my part robotic society now do, it’d be cool to have the “ability to interface with anything” and could have some really cool new abilities and such. But not many people picked the green explosion….

You could still go on from the 3 choices; society rebuilt tech but still not as good, the giant robots make 1 or 2 appearances with standard tech, or heavily upgraded tech with giant robots make 1 or 2 appearances.
Just change the set pieces to match the players outcome, and if you never played ME3, pick the most statistically chosen option.

Not a fan of the prequel, we’d miss out on seeing all the other races and such, plus how long could you make the plot of something we’ve had described in our codex as a 1 page entry.


It should be an alternate reality concurrent timeline where they rewrite the ME3 ending.


Haha QFT.

Thinking about it, I would probably be a fan of a prequel. A sequel means some kind of new adversary would need to be created to drive the story after the Reapers are taken care of, which kind of makes it all for nothing.

But then again, a prequel means you will know that no matter what you do, one day Reapers are going to come and mess it all up.

Can’t wait to find out!


First contact would be good for the political and racial (or special) aspects – some aliens taking the side of the human newcomers simply because they think Turians are jerks. Which is a fair assessment.

Also something I’d consider fairly likely as BW seem to have decided the player character needs to be human.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of an Elcor squaddie? Perhaps on a couple of super strong skateboards?

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