Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition released today, for PC only. But here, look at this new cinematic!

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

By on November 29, 2012 at 4:32 pm

“Well,” thought an excited me. “I’ve already played Baldur’s Gate on the PC. And I’m playing other PC games at the moment. So I’ll pick up the Enhanced Edition on the iPad, just for a bit of variety.” And I picked up some discounted iTunes vouchers and took them to the counter. I am regretting this decision.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition came out today. For the PC (buy it here). It was meant to come out on all platforms at 4AM Sydney time last night. Now, the game has been pushed back by “a week” on the iPad and other platforms since Apple discovered a game crashing bug. And even as of one minute ago, Trent Oster has said they “don’t have a good build for OSX yet”.

So if you were going to pick up Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition tonight, getting it on the PC might be the smartest and quickest. But if you are left in the dark like me, check out the new enhanced version of the original intro cinematic. I don’t know if I agree with ‘enhanced’ though. Even if it was late 90s CGI, the original intro was actually animated. These are still pictures with the original voice overs on them. They look nicer, but I think I’d rather have them moving. Maybe this is just my opinion, maybe you guys will prefer the new one! That is okay, we are all different and unique. And wrong sometimes.

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i dunno if pictures can be called a cinematic.


A link might be handy

Baldur’s Gate EE PC


Hate to be a negative nelly… but I didn’t like that cinematic. It just seems so rushed (in pace not production). Where was the dialogue of him mentioning “others” and begging for his life??

All of that really came together to express how nasty this unknown figure really is and hints at future revelations…

It’s a nice cinematic in itself… I guess I’m just far too used to the original one. :/



These animatic type videos can work well as cinematics if done in a very specific way but I don’t think they work for all games.

For instance, they work quite well in the Thief series, mostly they’re retrospective in nature with Garret doing a narration (example: ). Thief also does in-the-present cutscenes but gets away with it by mixing the still painted backgrounds with very smoothly animated silhouettes (another example with massive spoilers: ).

By contrast, the animatic-style cutscenes offered by the Baldur’s Gate remake feel very static and unengaging to me. Sort of like watching a slideshow with a voiceover.


The original intro was way better. :S


Wake me up when I can get it from Gog/Steam, and not have to sign up with and remember *YET ANOTHER* set of credientials for a digital store/client like beamdog…



Sooo what stoibs said man.


Kevin Michael “Names Panthro” Richardson does so much voice work it isnt funny. dont get me wrong he has an awesome voice, but it like he’s the only deep voiced guy in the bizz or something.


Been playing this co-op for the past few hours.. It’s so damn buggy.

Glad i didn’t buy it.


Enhanced my arse, this looks cheap and rushed as shit.
After this and the gameplay trailer, I think I’ll just stick with the widescreen and BG tutu mods… very disappointed from what I’ve seen so far.


Anyone played the ipad version yet?

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