Australian PlanetSide 2 servers now live, Aussie gamers seen dancing in streets

PlanetSide 2

By on November 5, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Confirmation comes to us overnight that the promised Australian servers for PlanetSide 2 have now been brought online, with SOE president John Smedley dropping the bomb via his Twitter account.

Players have already begun playing on the AU servers, reporting zero lag and a vastly improved play experience. Kudos to SOE for going ahead with the move in a time when Australians constantly suffer under terrible international ping — we’ll keep playing non-stop so we can get our review to you when the game goes live on November 20.

PlanetSide 2 will be free to play, but you can buy alpha squad access now and start the game with a whole bunch of in-game cash, goodies, and boosts, as well as play in the beta until launch.

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yeah i started on it last night , was quite fun flying my scythe around picking inf and tanks off with no lag :)


There is also a 3x station cash sale on right now


Time to go in for good now! :D






Between updating this (6.4gigs) and updating Tribes Ascend and installing Smite my Quota is gonna HATE me today. T_T Unless I can get Planetside and Smite unmetered.


Does anyone know is the AUS servers shutdown at around 5pm weekdays like the others?

I don’t really want to waste my quota too as exe3 mentioned above, if I can only play during the hours I’m at work.. (and weekends of course)

James Pinnell

I wouldn’t think so Shaft, I remember reading a tweet saying the AU servers would be on local time.

Considering its 5PM AEST now, and they are still up, that’s pretty much confirmed.


Finally Planet-side 2 might be playable now. With high US ping it was nigh on impossible to kills other than spraying with a machine gun. I would be playing more Planetside 2 but it gets 4GB updates everytime I go to play it (at least each week) and it often takes forever to update so I just dont bother.


I’m found that with my internode internet shaped at the moment that I can still play on the server with out any slowdowns.


any chance of getting an updated client for this on the file server? the old one there doesn’t seem to share a single file in common with the current version.


Cant see any servers up :’(

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