Last chance to win your way to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown launch party!

By on October 4, 2012 at 2:21 pm


2K have called us to let us know that this competition is open to anybody who can make it into Sydney on Wednesday October 10. They can’t cover the cost of trains, planes or buses (or even cars!) but if you can make it into Sydney proper (Surry Hills, to be exact) then you’re eligible to enter.

To apologise for the confusion, 2K have also given us five copies of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to give away to five runners up!

The competition closes soon, so get cracking!

When 2K contacted us and asked us if we’d like to send five lucky readers to the top-secret launch party for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we said “Yes. Yes, we would.” I gotta tell you though, this thing is pretty top-secret. They won’t even tell me where it is, and I’m the one organising to send you guys there. Wherever it is. What a mystery!

Here’s what you need to know

The event is open to people aged 18 years or older who are able to make it into Sydney’s Surry Hills. Sorry, everybody else, but that’s just the way it is! If you fit the bill, then we want to hear from you.

How do I enter?

To enter, leave a comment on this article with a link to a photo of you dressed in your best alien-exterminating outfit. Maybe you’re a private detective who knows something they shouldn’t, or maybe you’re an XCOM super-soldier from the front lines. Maybe your dad has an old Buck Rogers outfit that you can borrow — we’ll leave it up to you to determine the most stylish way to blast those alien scum.

Whatever it is, you’ll need to take a photo of yourself in it — holding a bit of paper/card with your username on it, so we know you’re not faking — and put a link to it in the comments below.

The five best costumes will win their way to the launch party, so if you’re entering, make sure you’re free on the evening of Wednesday, October 10.

How long do I have?

The competition closes at 5:00 PM sharp (Adelaide time) on Thursday October 4. Winners will be asked to provide their details ASAP, so if you get a PM from me, please answer it as soon as you can!

Best of luck!

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This should be interesting. XD




The world is burning. We are not partying.


The world is burning.We are not partying.

You’re no fun!


Sydney residents only seems a bit stupid; I wouldn’t enter anyway since I’m terrible at this kind of thing but it’s not exactly difficult for anyone on the eastern border to get to Syd.


Sydney residents only seems a bit stupid; I wouldn’t enter anyway since I’m terrible at this kind of thing but it’s not exactly difficult for anyone on the eastern border to get to Syd.

It’s 2K’s call unfortunately, not ours :(


How strict is ‘sydney resident’ ?

I work in syd, but live on the central coast (so 1-1.5hrs north)

Is it okay for anyone who lives roughly near syd to enter? How far away is too far?



Sydney residents usually means people in the state (within reason – not Lithgow) but I could be wrong on this one.

Also, I want to go to this anyway possible. I have money. And talents. Many talents.


Tim Colwill: It’s 2K’s call unfortunately, not ours :(

Yea I got that, it was more a question about 2K’s bizarre limitation. A game with invading UFO’s doesn’t realise people can travel between cities in a country? :p


I remember these guys from childhood. heh.

Brenna Hillier

I’m going to this, champs, so this is basically your free ticket to watching me get hilariously boozed up and attempt to irresponsibly pash the promo girls. Why would you not want to come?


Oh wow not a single person has entered so far. :x


I don’t wish to be blunt, but if you

a) Live in Sydney
b) Are 18+
c) Have a camera

You’re basically a shoe-in at this point. There will probably be free copies of the game and all sorts of awesome stuff given away there. I mean it’s an Alan Moore party, for crying out loud.



I’d love to enter!, except I live in Tassie and therefore do not qualify.


Yeah I would of entered this straight away but Melbourne :(


Guys, I’ve updated the post — 2K have called us to say the contest is open to anybody who can make it into Sydney’s Surry Hills on Wednesday October 5. So if you’re going to buy your own plane tickets, or drive in from the Central Coast, or… I don’t know, teleport in? You can do that. You just need to be able to get there for the event!


My lurking skills fail me; I can’t believe I missed the first news post! I still put on my resumé under accomplishments “finished terror from the deep without cheating” so I will have to put in some pathetic attempt at an entry.
Watch this space.


OK, Lets do this?
Hoping to win as i have already organised the time off work.


The aliens have basically won already, so I have to just hide out in the darkness and brain them when they come past.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to Sydney, so I’m entereing as a runner-up


Actually, I’m still saying that for now, but I realised there is no ‘can’t’, so we’ll see

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