Western Australia sends R18+ legislation back to committee for investigation

What The Hell Is This

By on October 9, 2012 at 12:34 pm

As a long-time, born-and-bred Western Australian, I think I’ve earned the right to be frustrated with this state’s backwards decisions on most things.

For example, while the rest of Australia is right now luxuriating in an extra hour of sunshine, Western Australia is freaking out about “tampering with the natural order of things” and muttering nasty things about young people these days. Case in point: Western Australia has now decided the proposed R18+ legislation is looking a bit dodgy, and that a committee should examine it for, I don’t know, moral indecency or whatever.

A call for public submissions to the committee is now open, with the committee chaired by a panel of two Liberal MP’s, a Greens MP and a Labor MP. The report is due by November 6, so if you — like me — think this is all a bit dumb, please send a polite but strongly worded letter to the committee via the contact methods on this page.

Source: Kotaku AU

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As a resident of South Australia, I feel your pain.



I really hope that the daylight savings comment was meant to be sarcastic… Was it? Why the hell should we shift the clocks around, why is it so hard to negotiate with your employer to offset your hours? I always feel jet-lagged when daylight savings is in effect, my body KNOWS what time it is – Even if the clock is lying.


I’m not fussed either way with daylight savings. I just want the whole of Australia to be consistent on if and when it runs.

Also, WA doesn’t get midnight launches for games either.

Back on topic, I was sorta expecting this. Given aht it’s illegal to own RC content in WA it seemed to be the likely place for a delay.


Might not be anything to worry about, most of the time these committees are just some bonus money for the politicians and nothing really happens. If it is anything like the Queensland government which sends most things to committee and it gets rubberstamped.

Have a read and see how they use committees to top up a politicians salary:


Daylight savings is a joke and anyone whoever seriously supports it is full of nothing more than hot air…


Lol at the daylight savings rage


Daylight savings is a joke and anyone whoever seriously supports it is full of nothing more than hot air…

I’m neither a supporter nor a hater. I just want the whole country in line on the subject.


I can kind of understand DLS in the southern states, it means you’re using more of the daylight hours more effectively. The days get a lot longer down there during summer and inversely a lot shorter during winter. A waste of time up here on the tropic of capricorn, you notice very little difference in the number of daylight hours all year round. (Yeah Qld doesn’t have DLS either you know)


I’m conflicted. On the one hand I don’t much like daylight savings (was really late to TAFE today because I slept an hour and a half through my alarm, my BODY knows what time it is). But on the other hand I don’t want to look like I support what pinothy just said. >_>

Ralph Wiggum

Shouldn’t of mentioned daylight savings in your article Tim…


Adding my 2cents to this de-railed thread.

Having lived in QLD (No DLS) and lived in SA (DLS) I personally am totally in favour for DLS when I was in QLD the sun was going down at 5pm which is just crap.

Why wouldn’t I want more light hours after work?

James Pinnell

Crux of it:

People who like it dark at 5pm = No DLS
People who like it light at 5pm = DLS

I’m for it, what family man doesn’t want a little more light to play with his kids after work? Or a longer beach day on the weekend?


Get to the beach earlier – problem solved.

DLS is terrible :(


I was raised in WA and moved to SA about 8 years ago. I just can’t get away from this stuff!


The problem with WA is that they’re trying to be some little country off the mainland…

Newsflash: Still attached bitched.


Its good, it should be dark at 5am, not streaming light through my window despite the blinds.

It shouldn’t be dark before 6pm.
Driving home in the dark with on-coming headlights is shit.


Shouldn’t of mentioned daylight savings in your article Tim…



This thread is pretty lol.


I’ve also found out that people care more about day light savings then R18


We probably have more say over daylight savings… lol.

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