Torchlight II Build Guide, Part Three: The Embermage

Torchlight II Embermage

By on October 5, 2012 at 6:27 pm

The subject of our third Torchlight II class guide is the Embermage — an absolute powerhouse. While traditionally one of the weaker character classes, its ability to bring out masses of sustained damage over large swathes of enemies is practically unparalleled. Outlander might be able to do an amazing hit every now and then, but you can do almost as good numbers every time you hit.


The Afflictor (Armory link here) is all about causing damage numbers through statuses. The benefit of this build is that once an enemy is hit with a status or two, their combat effectiveness is basically nullified, allowing you to choose the method of his destruction. A great build for those a little cautious, or intending to tackle hardcore.

Statistically we want to throw a lot into focus, since that increases our damage significantly. Depending on difficulty level, and if you’re playing hardcore, you may want to throw some points into both dexterity and vitality, but for most players this won’t be required.

We want wands as our weapon choice, simply due to the fact that we can put more socketables into two wands than into a single staff. There are also unique wands that increase overall skill damage, so keep an eye out for them. In your sockets you want a little bit of mana regen, additional focus, and increased attack speed.


Passives are super important for this build, and all three of the brands should be kept as high as possible throughout your leveling process. This will let you continually be damaging enemies once they are hit by your Prismatic Bolt

Prismatic Bolt is the main skill of this build, which when maxed gives a huge output of damage, afflicts status ailments, and also homes onto targets – a great skill choice for damage. It also synergises perfectly with the dropped skill, Elemental Overload – so be on a look out for that.

Elemental Boon and Immolation Aura are active abilities which should be perpetually kept up. Both are important for delivering additional status effects and should be maxed eventually, but not straight away… various other skills are vastly more beneficial to your build.

Frost Phase and Deaths Bounty are your utility skills, providing protection and mana/health regeneration. You only need one point in Frost Phase, and Death’s Bounty should reach Tier II as soon as possible for the casting speed bonus, but then should be kept at that level.

Passives are super important for this build, and all three of the brands should be kept as high as possible throughout your leveling process. This will let you continually be damaging enemies once they are hit by your Prismatic Bolt, and this kind of damage can be kept up pretty much all the time.

Additionally, Elemental Attunement is great for making those statuses stick to their targets, as well as increasing the chance they would be hit for them in the first place. Finally, Prismatic Rift is worth maximising so that way on the odd chance you do take a hit, you’re likely to put the enemy back at range.

As mentioned, Elemental Overload is a very important and frankly amazing dropped skill with this build. If you can find it, it’s worth keeping active as frequently as possible. Concentration is also good for additional mana recovery as well.

Burn Baby, Burn

You want to take the Ember part of Embermage literally? This is the build for you (Armory link here). Capable of burning enemies to a crisp in no time, Burn Baby, Burn is a build all about the flames. With the buff to damage over time skills that the latest patch has caused, this build can truly dish out a terrifying amount of damage, while still being based on survivability. No glass cannon here.

Because dodging isn’t as important as armor and health to this build, you want to get your dexterity to about 50 fairly early in the build process. You also want to get about 100 vitality, and the rest going into focus. This should give you enough defensive power to put up with a bit of punishment, allowing you to stay in place and wreak havoc!

This is one of few builds in the entire game that is benefitted by a two handed weapon, namely the staff! Thanks to the Staff Mastery passive, you can use your staves to lower the elemental resistances of enemies you strike, allowing your fire to burn that much harder, and melt even more faces.


Charge Mastery is also important, as it allows you to not only reach maximum charge quickly, but sustain it for longer. Whenever you’re in your maximum charge state, you should be spamming skills as hard as possible

Magma Spear is an absolutely fantastic skill in the latest patch, and it’s going to be what increases your overall charge. Charge is especially important in this build, due to its mana intensive nature, so Blinding Pillar will also be used during battles in order to hit your max charge in the shortest amount of time. Max both of these early on.

Firestorm is a skill that should be kept for difficult encounters, or when your charge bar is maxed. It creates a vulnerability that, when combined with Staff Mastery, can make your fire skills do significantly more damage.

You want to max Firestorm eventually, but not straight away, and Staff Mastery should be kept high level at all times.

Immolation Aura is a great skill that also absorbs damage. Don’t be afraid to use it frequently to make the most out of that. In order to survive, a single point should also be placed into Frost Phase, which will keep you moving around and hopefully allow you to avoid damage. You want to put spare points into Immolation until it hits Tier II.

Elemental Boon and Elemental Attunement are very important skills for this build, even further increasing the vulnerabilities of your enemies and the amount of time they are kept in that state for. Both are pivotal to the build, and should be maxed, along with Fire Brand for when your enemies are burning.

Charge Mastery is also important, as it allows you to not only reach maximum charge quickly, but sustain it for longer. Whenever you’re in your maximum charge state, you should be spamming skills as hard as possible, since they will cost no mana. By the end of this build, you should be left with a spare point left over, if you want, a point into Ice Brand will give you a little more damage when you use Frost Phase, or to give a slight bonus to Immolation Aura.

The only dropped skill of any importance is Elemental Overload if you can find it, giving you three slots to put whatever you would like inside!

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Why does the Embermage girl at the top look like the girl from Aladdin :P


it’s a whole new world when you place torch light 2


I love the build diversity in this game. My embermage is rocking face and not using a build at all like the ones above.



Seems to be most people’s reaction. I remember when the class was revealed… everyone was all “Princess Jasmine?”

The ingame model looks nothing like her though which was disappointing.


heh ye same i played an Embermage and got to 100 in a couple days, man using Haste scroll and PB Hailstorm build is just super rush mode xD

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