Torchlight II Build Guide, Part Four: The Berserker

Torchlight II Berserker

By on October 6, 2012 at 11:11 am

The Berserker is a surprising powerhouse of a character. While traditional warrior types are the standard tank characters, Berserker is more of a barbarian, dealing out phenomenally powerful attacks based on rage alone. It’s also one of the fastest damage dealers, capable of blindingly fast speed due to claw synergies.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass (Armory link here) is all about getting a huge crit chance and getting staggering hits with it. This is the build for those who want to carve through endgame like butter… it’s fast, furious, and devastating.

You actually want a nice array of stat points in this build, getting dexterity to about 130 when finished, vitality to 100, and strength to 300. Only put points into vitality when you feel you need them, and instead focus on increasing strength and dex to start.

You’re going to want dual claws for this build, preferably with two sockets each. Socket-wise, you’re after critical damage on your weapons until you reach the 500% cap, then physical damage, a little bit of mana regen, and then just health. Fairly straightforward! End game you want to keep an eye out for damage reduction skulls, to hit the cap of 75%


A point in both Blood Hunger and Rampage will seal the build, giving a little bit of life leech and a regular boost to movement and attack speed

Eviscerate and Raze are your primary damage dealing skills. Eviscerate is capable of carving up entire armies of enemies in no time at all, and Raze is stupidly good at destroying harder mobs and bosses. Max both of these as soon as possible. Storm Hatchet will also help with enemies that you’re having difficulty with, but only needs five points to be worth using.

Howl and Battle Rage are both important for debilitating groups of enemies you reach, giving you ample time to decimate them without them actually landing a hit on you.

It also makes them take more damage, which synergises perfectly with your entire build. You’ll want to be maxing these also, but you can take your time levelling them.

Shadow Burst and Savage Rush are utility skills, allowing you to break shields and lower the armor of enemies. You only really need one point in both. Battle Standard should be maxed, and offers a great boon during boss fights or any group of enemies that will likely drop some hits in.

Frost Breath and Ice Shield are both important abilities, though Frost Breath doesn’t really shine with your build until you reach the Tier 3 bonus. Ice Shield should reach level 11 where it hits a 100% reflect chance, and is perfect for enemies just out of reach who are pelting you with missile weapons.

Cold Steel Mastery helps you a lot, giving a huge bonus to Ice and Physical damage — you’ll want to max it. Shred Armor is pretty good while leveling, but later in the game most enemies won’t last long enough for it to truly shine, only put around 7 points into it. Finally, a point in both Blood Hunger and Rampage will seal the build, giving a little bit of life leech and a regular boost to movement and attack speed.

Dervish is an amazing dropped skill with this build, and Concentration can help a lot with mana recovery issues. Critical Strikes is an absolute requirement for this build to work well.

Altered Beast

Altered Beast (Armory link here) is a fun, enjoyable build that is based on using the various shadow skills the Berserker has to great effect. It’s probably the fastest, twitch reflex build the game has, and is great for those who get bored with repetitive ability use without any player skill really required.

You pretty much want a similar stat allocation to the last build. Enough vitality to be a bit tanky, and then an array of strength and dexterity. Don’t put more than 110 points into dexterity.

This is a great build to use a shield with, as it needs a bit of survivability between some of its abilities. Shields might seem fairly weak to begin with, but they quickly get quite powerful towards the end game. You’re after a lot of Mana Regeneration with this build, and stacking a bit of Crit Damage on your weapons certainly won’t hurt.


Rage Retaliation and Red Wolf are going to help deal additional DPS where it’s required. Red Wolf scales particularly well with your level, and will help utterly destroy large groups of mobs

Savage Rush is the skill that makes this build. Until the latest patch you were invulnerable while using it, but even now it is fairly difficult for most enemies to hit you. You’ll also want to look at Wolf Shade which is useful for the initial levels (which will feel slow until you unlock more skills), and then later becomes useful for life leech. Max both.

Shadow Burst is your escape skill of choice. It also pops shields, which can be incredibly useful. It does a little bit of damage, but not enough to be a worthy primary attack.

For single targets you’ll be wanting to use Wolf Pack, which is cause for some painfully long boss fights early in the game.

Battle Standard, Ice Shield, and Battle Rage are all important utility skills for this build. You’re going to need these in most battles to deal with ranged targets, regen your mana, and deal extra damage while taking less yourself. Only put 11 points into Ice Shield to reach 100% reflection.

Finally, your passives of Rage Retaliation and Red Wolf are going to help deal additional DPS where it’s required. Red Wolf scales particularly well with your level, and will help utterly destroy large groups of mobs in no time at all.

Blocking, Concentration, and Critical Strikes are your required dropped skills for this build, and all are fairly self explanatory. You’ll also want to throw Silence on your pet to deal with a pesky caster that you’re too busy to take on. Enjoy rending your way through swathes of enemies!

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Why is it surprising that a class called Berserker can deal out huge amounts of damage?

Bane Williams


Because many players see it to be a traditional warrior type and overlook it, regardless of the fact its clearly not. Lots of internet threads where people either complain about the class not being tanky, or people who didnt choose it because they thought it would do low damage and be there purely for ranged support

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