The War Z producer has no problems being compared to Day Z

The War Z

By on October 17, 2012 at 8:38 pm

There have been a lot of criticisms and observations that two upcoming zombie survival games, namely Day Z and The War Z are more than a little similar. The War Z‘s executive producer has sat down with VG247 to say that they don’t mind being compared to Day Z at all. “In fact we are fans of the mod,” says executive producer Sergey Titov.

“Ultimately, we hope that gamers will end up playing both The War Z and the Day Z standalone. It’s difficult to compare at the moment, but, though there are similarities, we tried to create a game that was a little bit easier to access and play, and that would allow players to be creative and create their own scenarios.”

“We aren’t looking to be better than or displace Day Z at all – there is definitely room for two great games in the same genre and we think that the gaming audience will agree.”

Source: VG247

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Obviously… that’s why they named it War Z…


A studio copying Zynga’s copying? /Inceptioned.


You guys *do* know how long War Z has been in production .. right?




They dont



Do you dare question the religion that is Arma?!


Lol, ye maybe we can dual screen and play both games at the same time ey



Please enlighten us.


The WarZ has been in development for about 18 months, but it was a concept long before that. The release of the DayZ mod (which was basically unannounced and took the world by storm) prompted them to shift into overdrive and amp up their development as well as announce their intentions.

While the games may be similar, I wouldn’t say anyone was copied, people have been talking about games like this long before any were developed.

As for the game, well I’ve been playing the Alpha for the last few days and its enjoyable. They’re fixing bugs as fast as we can find them and it doesn’t suffer from any of the network related issues that plague Day Z and arma 2.

Is it better? Its hard to say, its different. The combat definitely feels a bit more tacky as far as weapons go and melee is very meh. But the game does hold promise in the content that is supposed to be coming.

Bottom line, I don’t think its fair for anyone to say that The War Z stole Day Z’s idea, after all, simulating the zombie apocalypse in a game is not a NEW idea at all.


Ah interesting, thanks. TBH I don’t even own Arma II so I haven’t even played Day Z. I was just curious seeing as wyld made this comment and then didn’t back it up with info.


I find it interesting how people see the similar titles and instantly assume that one has copied the other.

As nukejockey stated, WarZ has been in development for nearly two years, I thought it was longer than 18 months tbh, but anyhow.

I never played DayZ as I heard about it around the same time people were pointing out that DayZ was chock full of hackers, so I stayed right the hell away. WarZ on the other hand I have played. Although I think something is wrong with my copy of the game as it crashes every 5 mins or so :/ From what little I’ve played, it was enjoyable. Nothing beats a good survival.



At alpha launch the crashes were frequent, like one every few mins, most of that has been fixed now. Apparantly there is also an issue with 32bit OSes causing crashes, which theyre still looking into.


Why do you people keep making this argument? They named it WAR Z! Doesn’t matter how long anything was in development for or concepts. They named it so that it would seem like a copy and be compared and get the crowed. Stop being ignorant.

Oh and you think that because it started first it hasn’t taken stuff that Day Z has done well? Think again. People making out they are some innocent company not copying a thing are just stupid… it’s good business!

If they wanted to be judged away from Day Z they wouldn’t have named it War Z! They wouldn’t have announced when they did and they wouldn’t be rushing to beat it out the door.


Well it just seems both sides of the argument can be seen as equally childish, depending on perspective. How about this one: two really cool games that are very similar, that are both likely to be fun. How does that sound, hmm? Let’s just toss aside all hang-ups and get over it. Honestly, it’s almost as bad as the SEGA vs Nintendo arguments of yesteryear.

Signed somebody who really isn’t really psyched about either.


Why do you people keep making this argument? They named it WAR Z!

You do know that the other game built on the same engine is called War Inc. right?
so changing the Inc. for Z when there is zombies instead of corps doesn’t seem like a big stretch.



Hate to burst your bubble but it was called War Z before Day Z came out… it was on their “goals” page they put up when they first started the project 18 odd months ago. I remember reading it on the reddits.



As trb said their other title is named “War Inc” – replace the “Inc” with Z for ZOMBIES and there’s your answer, not to mention that “Z’s” and “Day Z” or “Z Day” have been in use for decades as a replacement term for D-Day or Day 0; and there’s the popular book World War Z. You think DayZ was any more original with their name?

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