The Second Great Razer Giveaway: $1500 worth of Razer hardware up for grabs!

By on October 29, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Our last Great Razer Giveaway was so successful that Razer would like to do it all over again! This time around, we’ve got five Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboards as well as five Razer Naga MMO Mice to give away.

Aww, yes. How do I win?

Astute question! All you need to do to enter is, in 150 words or less, describe your favourite macro setup that you use in games. It can be a quickcast for your favourite MMO, a call-for-uber and weapon-switch for Team Fortress 2, or maybe just spraying out obnoxious voice commands over and over across the server. You awful person, you.

If you don’t have any macros set up, never fear! You can also describe what your ideal macro setup would be for your game if you had one — and maybe you’ll get the chance to make it all come true when you win yourself some of these excellent pieces of gaming hardware.

The five top entries, as chosen by our judges, will each walk away with a prize pack containing a BlackWidow mechanical keyboard and Naga mouse.

How long do I have?

The competition closes at 11:59PM (Adelaide time) on Sunday November 11. Winners will be chosen and announced the next day.

What else do I need to know?

Entries are governed by the Terms and Conditions listed on this page. Best of luck!

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I have/had a cupcake macro on my mage, left to eat, right to summon, also had a macro to yell ‘conjures anvil’ at people


Well, for starcraft 2, I tried to set up macros on my old Logitech G15, to let me do things like automate larvae injects as zerg (by going though the hotkeys for each queen, and the screen hotkey for its base, and automating the button press and click for the spell). but the hardware just wasn’t up to the task. perhaps razer products can do better? Maybe if the macro keys were in thumbs reach on my mouse? A logical extention of this would be to allow the macro a pause and alarm (or beep) function to alert me when my larvae pop off the hatch (based on the time from the inject) so i know i need to use the macro again. Now that would be ideal!


My two favourite macros were simple.
Both wow related, my first was a portal in which I merely said in local “Opening portal to Dalaran …” It was of course a Stonard port. Most of my friends knew not to take the portal, but those poor fools in pug raid groups had no idea.

My second was a mood setter.
All it did was an emote “/me rubs %t’s nipples. It was Super Effective!”
which of course made it look like I was rubbing my targets nipples. I think Kel Thuzad liked it most.


When I play Pyro on TF2, if I’m holding down W, then the flamethrower’s on. It’s the only way to play.


Wow Macro, The only programmable button on my mouse at the time.
Ran a script to cycle through my best DPS set, which would detect when buffs are live and cast the relative beneficial spells on the next loop.
Total script ran through 3 times to maximise mage arcane buff, then hit hard with buffed Arcane Blast. I could almost sleep in boss fights (If I didn’t need to move, I pressed the “2” key once every min or so.).
My other KB macro, Would turn toon 180 degree’s, cast blink, turn back again, target aggro, then pop instant cast buff, cast sheep, followed by DPS set including a Nova to slow enemy (which could be interrupted of course). Served me well in PVP.
My last macro was for escape purposes, cast Blink, pop instant cast buff, go invisible. (Update to tree later negated the need for instant cast buff).


Most useful macro I ever did (given that it was done via the macro interface in wow but still bound to my G10 key!) was the tricks of the trade macro. I miss the days when you would get revenge on an annoying guild member during a raid. Basically all it did was pop tricks of the trade onto a party member then start killing spree.

An example: A friend (another rogue) and I were in Ulduar with our guild and there was a paladin being cocky by running into trash with his bubble up before the group was entirely ready so we waited until his bubble was down and tricked him then popped killing spree on a mob. He died a few seconds later :D


I don’t really use macro’s at the moment, my old Logitech MX518 mouse was designed in an era when all a mouse really needed was a “back” and “forward” thumb button, the sensitivity buttons and the scrool wheel? WHAT LUXURIES. I do sometimes wonder while playing my more button intensive games what it would be like to cast that one spell without having to move my hand off my mouse or execute a complex alt-5 command, moving my thumb away from my space bar which is ever so important for jumping constantly!

Some people say that a large part of being better at a game is superior button management, I don’t know, maybe if I won a Razer Mouse and Keyboard combo I could put the theory to a test.


I have three macro’s set up, one I hit and it records sound (M1) and the other I hit and it plays said recorded sound (M2). So if someone is saying ‘F**king zombies!* I record that (M1), then hit my own macro (M3) which says “Your mum… ( -M2- ) f**king zombies!”

Endless hilarity!


My macro’d auto run for DayZ. When having to cross the vast regions zombieless countryside to reach the other end of the map, there is nothing more painful than having to sit there and watch the entire ordeal. With macro’d auto run I can leave my character to do what he does best, and that is run, allowing me to do something not nearly as boring! The only dangers I face are running over rocks, into trees, or getting shot, but these I risk for not having to spend half an hour glued to my screen while my character runs his heart out.


The best Macro I ever created was to simply enter my email address and my default password.

I made alternations where I used different passwords etc.

Online form: 0. Pix: 1 n.n


Macro’s you say ..

My Shadow Priest One Button Does All Monster.

/cast [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,nodead]Mind Sear;[mod:shift,@mouseover,help,nodead]Renew;[@mouseover,help,nodead]Power Word: Shield;[mod:shift,@mouseover,harm,nodead]Silence;[@mouseover,harm,nodead]Shadow Word: Pain;[mod:shift]Dispersion;Prayer of Mending

If holding control down, mouseover a living enemy, cast Mind Sear
If holding shift down, mouseover a living friend, cast Renew
If holding shift down, mouseover a living enemy, cast Silence
If holding sift down, no mouseover, cast Dispersion on self
If mouseover a living friend, cast Power Word Shield
If mouseover a living enemy, cast Shadow Word Pain
If no mouseover, cast Prayer of Mending

It *just* fits into the maximum number of characters allowed for a Macro, and this handles maybe 80% of PvP needs in battlegrounds.


While not a competition winner the only truly useful bind would have to be “say “@If you continue to mic spam you will be banned””


My best macros were a collection of one push log in buttons.
Launch game -> User Name -> Next Field ->Password -> Log in.


Mine isn’t really a macro in a game, rather a macro in Microsoft Excel that turned it into a game. I wrote a macro in VBA that turned the spreadsheet into a game very similar to the snake games you get on the older mobile phones, ie move around collecting numbers, growing longer and trying not to collide with yourself, etc. The trickiest part was fiddling around with ActiveX commands so I could do real time keyboard input, and then getting it to work lag free. The end result was rather impressive though. I did this while I was “volunteering” at a Work for the Dole project several years ago. Your tax dollars at work folks! :)

Yeah this one’s probably stretching the rules. I don’t do much macro stuff in games, or anything worth getting excited about…


The only macros I used were back in the old Counter-Strike beta days for buying weapons, ammo and nades. Had a Logitech G15 keyboard for 4+ years and never once used any of the macro keys on it


I have wowed all my friends that visit, with my macros. I have a microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard, with up to 18 macro-able keys, however I only use 6 off them.

S1 = Auto-Run for Dayz
S2 = Open gear fo- wait. I’m pretty thirsty. Let me just use macro n3.
S3 = Send command prompt “Hey mum, you look beautiful today. Also, would you mind bringing me up a drink?” With windows message service. Depends on what mood she’s in, but sometimes I get lucky and get an ‘on-service’ chilled soda while playing my game.

The rest are irrelevant, becuase S3 is by far my most favorite macro key.


Complicated macros aren’t always the best.
My favorite? A very simple combination on the very best map in the original Halo: CE, Bloodgulch.
All that is needed is a shotgun and a simple hit of the F key and they get a blast to the chest followed up with an instantaneous fist to the face.
You didn’t really want to take the flag anyway, did you?


I changed my middle mouse button for TF2 to melee, best thing in the world, press Q to change between Primary and Secondary, while middle mouse is for cracking some skulls :)


The best macros are those that make some things rigged. My absolute favourite is the rapid fire macro where holding down the key causes an input of rapidly repeated left or right clicks making semi-automatic weapons fire automatically. Delicious carnage.
A little macro for DotA and Dota 2 for Tiny’s avalanche and toss combo would be great too. Meepo’s blink and poof combo is definitely viable too considering how hard it is to pull off when your damned connection in Dota 2 has a 250ms ping delay on US West.
Other serious macros aren’t really my thing since I feel it hurts the vanilla and intended competitiveness of most given games.
Although not necessarily macros, it would be nice to have a less confusing bind setup so that I could play Borderlands with a better FoV and other nonesense caused from poor PC porting and when I decide to stop playing for a while I don’t suddenly forget which key it was that gave me a decent FoV.
For fun macros definitely go to micspams. Soundboards for Duke Nukem, Samuel L Jackson sound tempting as hell. Other micspams include Erectin’ a River and Now you fucked up Onii-Chan.
Probably the most useful use for these macros are for Moonbase alpha for the purpose of actually being able to use ingame commands to sing songs, but with these macros I won’t have to alt tab my way out and copy paste the next segment of the song. Many lulz are to be had with macros.


There is this stinking, obnoxious jumping puzzle in a mission in The Secret World. The reward is countered by the intense frustration of having to perform around 30 perfect forward jumps. Just one slip of a finger and you’re back to square one.

0.04s delay
0.026s delay
release Space
release W

Seeing that frustrating jumping puzzle resolve into a series of mechanically perfect precise leaps was in itself worth the price of this keyboard.

In Guild Wars 2 I programmed a series of about 25 attacks into a macro, which would kill a mob with a single buttonpress. Then I gave my account to a friend about an hour later.

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