Rumour: Steam for Linux is scant days from release

Steam for Linux

By on October 3, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Only last month it was suggested that Valve were getting ready to deploy the Linux version of Steam, as indicated by some files uncovered in the Steam Database. Now less than a full month later, members of the Ubuntu dev community think the software is ready to go live in a matter of days.

The sharpshooters over at OMGUbuntu made the spot, noticing Valve’s BryceH seeking help in an Ubuntu IRC channel.

“Could an archive or SRU admin accept nvidia-common and jockey from the upload queue? These are needed for the Valve Steam release that happens in a few days,” reads the message. Whoops! Accidental slip-up? Or intentional leak?

Source: PCGamer

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And in related news, official nvidia support for optimus support coming to linux hopefully before HL3 –


Did you miss this news about a week ago?

“We will be having an internal beta starting next week, and a private external beta for 1,000 users sometime in October.”

Can’t wait for support for Fedora distro.


disappointing that its limited to ubuntu only – BUT it does make sense to use the easiest and most popular distro… i did recently install ubuntu onto my home desktop in preperation for the release but cant bare to use unity – it drives me nuts how ugly it is!

definatly keeping an eye on this. only wish i could spare the time to try and participate in the testing.



unity is so awful. Strangely though, despite GNOME 3/shell being pretty damn similar, I actually quite like it. That’s the best thing about Linux anyway, you can use whatever desktop environment you want!

so much for my “work” laptop… had a hard enough time getting things done without games as it was :P



Open the Ubuntu Software Center, in the Edit menu, choose Software Sources. Go to the Other Software tab and click ‘Add’. Enter this line into the window that pops up: “deb maya main upstream import” (w/o the quotes). Now press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the terminal, and type “sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring” (again w/o quotes), type in your password, and in the prompt that comes up, type ‘y’ and hit enter. This will get you the signing keys to verify your Mint downloads. Next you can install Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, Gnome, or the desktop of choice. The command is “sudo apt-get install ” replacing with cinnamon or the desktop of choice.



Fuck that, just install Linux Mint. Why stick with Ubuntu and reward Canonical’s stupid decisions when you can send a message by using something else?



It’s a good platform otherwise, and I have found it to be generally more up to date than Mint in most aspects. Besides, Canonical isn’t getting rewarded if I don’t put any money into them. Now the whole Amazon thing might convince me to move, but currently I use both of those OS’s.



In what way is Ubuntu more up to date than Mint, when they use the exact same repositories. Mint just adds its own extra software and configurations. They should have exactly the same “up-to-date-ness” as each other.


Should be a ? there at that first sentence, sorry.

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