Minecraft creator’s space sim 0x10C to be like Firefly


By on October 14, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has shared a little more information about Mojang’s next big game, 0x10c, telling PC Gamer that he hopes the finished product will feel a little like Joss Whedon’s cult classic sci fi series, Firefly.

“You can try to land on a planet but you mess up and, instead of having the ship just explode like it would in real life, the landing gear gets broken. Then you have to try to fix that by finding resources. Instead of the adventure being flying from here to here, it’s: I set the destination, oh god I hit a small asteroid and the cloaking device broke,” he said.

Having confessed to having waited too long to get multiplayer working on his breakout hit Minecraft, Notch said implementing those elements is next on his list once he has the core mechanics nailed down.

“As soon as it’s fun, I’m going to do the multiplayer. But nothing in the game is fun right now. I need to figure out what is actually a fun game mechanic in all of this,” he added.

Notch has released some new footage of the game, too – remember this is just test material, from the very early stages of development.

Source: PC Gamer

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Pretty sure he’s tweeted this desire quite a while ago ..


Make a freelancer clone notch, then I’ll be happy. :P




the lighting looks good, especially from the pew-pew laser


That sounds like a cheap attempt at publicity via namedropping to me.


The guy makes one good game doesn’t mean every thing he touches is gold. I wouldn’t touch it from that video, but it’s only a preview, but if it’s suppose to get me going it’s not working.


He probably shouldn’t have released that clip. Perhaps if he had waited until there was a little more to show, more interest would have been drummed up. As it stands currently it just looks like the average 3D engine tech demo most amateur programmers put up to show how wonderful their tech is.


I don’t see what’s wrong with the clip. The only thing being shown here is the progress of the engine, and the base is quite solid by the looks of it. Stop judging it because it doesn’t have uber graphics. Keep in mind that this stuff is likely to be programmed in Java just like Minecraft is, and it’s quite an accomplishment to have a solid 3D engine based in Java being it’s such a slow language.

Seriously, without all the press and people talking, Minecraft would never have been as popular as it is now, because people would view it with the same loosely drafted perspectives that are being demonstrated here.

And to top it off, it’ll be you same people that were downing it that give it so much praise when it’s released. Just stop.


It looked terrible.

Why program it in Java if the language is not “fast” enough for the game?

He won’t get away with another blocky game, people have much higher expectations now.


Java is a fine language. In 2003 I had a java game engine rendering Quake 3 levels and model formats. It just couldn’t handle the curved surfaces and I didn’t implement a good networking layer…

So it’s not that much further be hide. Java Monkey Engine is good too. Android uses Java.

The lighting looks really nice. But I am worried about the drop in frames when the lights move with very simple geometry.

I wonder what art style he will go for, I’m guessing he’ll keep it more cartoony etc. Minecraft of course was a hit because of the freedom to create not the story. And this looks like a story that will need better graphics, AI and physics – it’ll compete with Unreal Engine games etc, unless he can make it not need to be fancy…



Difference here is that there really isn’t anything to show except wandering around a static level. If he had waited until there was something decent to show then he wouldn’t have ended up with this backlash. As it stands what he has is a dinky static engine tech demo which isn’t that impressive, even by Minecraft standards. Anybody with a small amount of knowledge in 3D programming could probably put together a clip that looks similar to that.

That said even the skeleton description of the gameplay sounds really good. When he releases the clip of him doing those things then I’ll be impressed.


so he just made a crappier looking Dark Forces? I’ll pass…


the lighting looks good, especially from the pew-pew laser

yeah its amazing, makes Quake 2 look like it came out a year ago!

*remembers its not the 90′s anymore*

this guy is going to get away with murder forever isn’t he…


Is it me or does the character in the clip look like a guy from TF2 (Demo expert)?


Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people? You are the same mob that keep praising all these indie games like FTL and such…do they LOOK like triple A titles? NO THEY DO NOT. The guy is showing off that the engine is functioning…that’s all. I’ve not seen any statement anywhere that this is the final artwork…

A single person, or even small team is NOT going to put a ton of effort into the artwork for a game until the base mechanics are solid.

“Anybody with a small amount of knowledge in 3D programming could probably put together a clip that looks similar to that.”

- and yet not many people can claim that they are actually doing even that, so the point is moot.

This guy probably gets hounded every day about “What are you doing now?” or “What’s your new project? SHOW US NOW!”, and he has finally gave a short demonstration of what is currently in development, only for people to turn around and tell him it’s shit when the base tech. isn’t even finalised. Instead of encouraging the guy, he’s being given the message that his stuff isn’t welcome anymore. Quite frankly, that’s disgusting behaviour from a community that’s about games.



That’s why he should have waited until he had something to show. I’m sure people could have waited a few months until he had some gameplay to back up that tech demo with. Seriously don’t know why you’re defending him. Showing off a clip of a 3D engine with no gameplay attached isn’t impressive no matter how good the engine is. It’s especially less impressive since it doesn’t look that good anyways.

To put it in perspective, if the guys making FTL had released a pre-alpha version of their game with now sound, showing off the fact it can load graphics ripped from other games and you have the ability to click buttons, nobody would have been in the slightest bit impressed, as any amateur programmer could do that. However it’s a little more impressive seeing it working with the gameplay in place, now isn’t it? Same here. Again, while the game sounds impressive the clip was released way too early. As you note, this is a gaming website, not a tech demo website.


Watch only the clip above = you’ll be disappointed

Read details about the game, then watch the clip = you’ll be curious for more


vcatkiller: t’s why he should have waited until he had something to show. I’m sure people could have waited a few months until he had some gameplay to back up that tech demo with. Seriously don’t know why you’re defendin

This is the only piece of news that gon have bothered posting. But he has been releasing continuous content of the development of this game. I have to say that this video is better than the one where he just spawned heaps of objects and created a triangle. He has even done videos of him coding the game, the content isn’t strategically planned.

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