Mass Effect movie adaptation receives new scriptwriter

Mass Effect 3

By on October 25, 2012 at 7:15 pm

The film adaptation of Mass Effect has been announced as having a new writer. The previous script, written by Mark Protosevich — the writer behind Thor and I Am Legend — apparently did not meet with approval from the movie’s very Mass Effect-centric executives, including Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, and Mass Effect lead Casey Hudson.

The new writer, Morgan Davis Foehl, has yet to see one of his projects make it to the big screen, but previous efforts Whatever Gets You Through The Night and the upcoming Crosshair have garnered a lot of praise. That he is a huge Mass Effect fan certainly went a ways to pleasing the execs, but also his previous offerings have all been action-oriented, which is obviously what the team is looking for.

Source: VG247

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Oh god. Hopefully they do it justice, yet to see a movie adaption of a game actually translate well. (I’m looking at you Mortal Kombat, Mario, Doom, Max Payne et all.)

Plus, they will end up dumbing down the games for the lowest common denominator, compress 10′s of hours of story into an hour and a half… And chances are unless they pull it off right it will be horribly bad.


Prince of Persia was pretty good. I still liked the original ending in the game more, but it was probably too tragic to be used in a Disney movie.




I’d say the only good thing that could come out of this movie is that it may make the ending of ME3 less bad.

But, hell, here’s hoping it’s awesome.


Mass Effects story kind of went sideways with ME2 to be honest, so the script presented was probably a coherent, well plotted movie with more than one likeable character and no loose ends – if it was so rejected by Bioware

;) :P


Wasn’t happy with the ME story at all TBH, massively overrated IMO, all the hype felt like Harry Potter for videogames. You never know how a videogame adaptations is going to go, I keep hoping someone will do a good one but the only watchable one i can remember is the Tomb Raider film.


Plus, they will end up dumbing down the games for the lowest common denominator, compress 10′s of hours of story into an hour and a half… And chances are unless they pull it off right it will be horribly bad.

Welcome to Hollywood! I can rant about writers compressing stories into 1.5 hours about as much as I can rant about fans who want to see exactly the same story from a game/book shown on screen and can’t handle any deviations at all. As always, the middle ground is the best. That’s why Lord of the Rings killed it. Kept heaps of dialogue from the books, but was still bold enough to make a few changes to the books to make it more exciting as a film.


Recipe for success would be to use Femshep and not Dopeshep…made to game so much more once I played it that way

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