Learn SimCity strategies with new video, featuring first gameplay footage


By on October 5, 2012 at 2:11 pm

The first in a series of strategy videos for SimCity is up, with Lead Designer Stone Librande giving us a quick tutorial for building a small casino town. It also shows us the first gameplay footage, and really highlights how the game has grown since the old days. Gone are the grid patterns, replaced with a far more intuitive system of drawing on roads and plastering zones next to them. If that particular phrasing doesn’t really sell it, check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. And don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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looking awesome! however i assume that’s a beta / low settings build looks like that could run on an ipad with those graphics :P


Makes me want to play it, which nothing else so far has. I’ve been worried about the level of complexity needed to get something running well, but that all looks quite intuitive.


Cant wait for it to come out, loved the original sim city!!


I’ve been worried about the level of complexity needed to get something running well, but that all looks quite intuitive.

Me too, looks very simple to start up a city but I hope that there is still enough depth to keep the game fun and they haven’t compromised on any complex systems to cater for the casual gamers. Otherwise looks great!


Cant wait for it to come out, loved the original sim city!!

Yeah same here, I enjoyed Sim City and in Sim City 200 I loved building the empire then destroying it with the disasters which was fun in itself, I wonder if they will allow us to do that in this game.


Could not be more keen


Looks like we may not have to build in 8×8 blocks to get a functioning city… nice! Certainly a very natural looking system of spline roads still giving useful lots. Didn’t see any multi-level or cross-medium transit connections though.

And not having to lay seperate pipes and powerlines? OMWTFBBQ!

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