Happy Halloween: Left 4 Dead 2 is free to play this weekend

Left 4 Dead 2

By on October 25, 2012 at 7:17 pm

To celebrate Halloween this year, Valve are making Left 4 Dead 2 free-to-play, for this weekend only. Starting Thursday — so probably more like Friday here — the game will be free to download and play the whole weekend.

New players can pre-load the game whenever they like, ready for the weekend, but for older players, you might wonder what the appeal is. Apart from playing a sweet game with a bunch of your friends? Gosh, well they’ve also added a new achievement, if that matters more to you, called ‘Good Guy Nick’: “Plays games with free weekend players and helps them survive a campaign.”

So this weekend might be a good time to re-acquire the fun zombie shooter and help out some newbies with their zombie slayage.

Source: L4D Blog

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And it could be the launch of Steam for Linux as well.


Free to play is extremely misleading. Either way cbf with the censorship.


Free to play is extremely misleading. Either way cbf with the censorship.

How about that then?


Tempting to try but then I’ll just have screwed up dreams about zombies so for that reason alone I’ll pass.

Can’t wait for third season of The Walking Dead (but only in small quantities)!


One of my favourite games, such an intense co-op experience. It often goes for $5 during sales, and I’d bet it will be down to that in the next week for the Halloween Sale. It’s definitely worth the very small amount of effort to trade for an uncensored american version though.


It would have been good if they waited till they released an uncensored version, assuming they are (post r18 details sorted)
would bring a nice little influx of players to the aus servers if they did



Yeah L4D1 is still more appealing at the moment cause of the censorship. They won’t really bring us Aussies back to L4D2 until they can uncensor it.


I look forward to trying l4d2. It is a shame the censors nerfed it though. The comparison videos of censored vs uncensored were really striking.


It’s not overly hard to get an uncensored version bros.



Left 4 Dead 1 really isn’t a more appealing option, as it’s the same price as number 2, which now has all the content from the first included. I think Left 4 Dead 1 does have a slightly more creepy vibe as the new infected added a bit more variety at the cost of lowering the atmosphere, but that could just be my memories of my first play through. L4D2 is the superior game imho.

Seriously, listen to Novocaine. It is so easy to get an uncensored version. You go to the Steam trading forums, say “I want an uncensored L4D2″, within a few minutes you make a trade for a game that costs <$10 and you're done. I went the VPN route, and that was easy at the time but not recommended now. Trade and be happy. Or just ask on these forums and maybe someone with a US account can hook you up. Put the effort in, the gore is GLORIOUS.


What about folk (like myself) who already have the nerfed edition? (gore free)



Yeah I’m not sure about that. There’s meant to be a patch that can unlock 90% of the gore, I think it’s called L4D uncut, (maybe?), and I remember people talking about it on the whirlpool forums claim it works without issues, but I couldn’t guarantee it. You could just wait for R18+ to come through properly in Aus, or maybe you can email Valve support to remove the game from your library so you can repurchase a proper version, because I think you can’t actually activate an uncut version when you have the AU version in your account, which is pretty stupid… It’s a sucky situation…

How long before this R18+ stuff that we pushed for actually comes through for us?


vcatkiller: What about folk (like myself) who already have the nerfed edition? (gore free)

I’d say your SOL :( Like what Eggheart said politely ask Valve support to outright remove the game from your list and repurchase it as an import/American gift.

As for the Free weekend event,, ugh much like Payday the Hiest’s free weekend I guess this is a sign to stay away for the time being to avoid the Tk’ers, griefers, and general people who refuse to listen and/or be a team player…


I can vouch for the Left 4 Dead uncut patch, I think it was Pinothy that brought it up here. It works online too so you don’t have to worry about that either.




Does that still segregate you in to a separate online group? Last time I tried L4D uncut patch (a long time ago) I wasn’t able to play online with anybody using the legit versions (cut or uncut) so I reset it back to default as it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t see any mention of that on the link though, so I assume they managed to fix that?



I can’t say one way or another there. I generally play online with my mates. I might give it a go in a random game find out.


Cheers but nevermind, I’ll give it a shot now with my mate and his cut version. Will post back if I encounter any problems with it :)


…and there’s the sale – now $4.99. Any luck using the Uncut patch Syncourt?


Yeah, it worked beautifully. Couldn’t have been simpler to apply either.

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