Green Man Gaming have huge Halloween sale, reporter goes broke immediately

Green Man Gaming

By on October 22, 2012 at 4:29 pm

UPDATE 2: We’ve changed the title at Green Man Gaming’s request after some users asked them if they were going bankrupt. Everyone can rest assured that Green Man is not going bankrupt.

UPDATE: It seems the Halloween sale actually ended last night. The 20% off code, however, is valid until October 26. Thanks to Mike and Hastarin for pointing this out!

Green Man Gaming are having a massive Halloween sale! From now until October 26th, you can get preposterous savings on spooky and/or horror themed games, including Dead Island, F.E.A.R. 3, Darksiders I and II, Alan Wake, Bioshock I and II, and loads more.

And if the flat saving of up to 75% off isn’t enough for you, GMG have added a code to get a further 20% off your entire purchase. Because they are just that amazing. So head on over here and pick yourself up some spoooooooooky bargains! Because there’s nothing scarier… than savings!

Source: Green Man Gaming

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I got FEAR3 for $3 several months ago and haven’t even played it yet. I just haven’t got around to it yet. On a related note I had an urge to get Condemned: criminal Origins last week maybe I will get that for $6. Anyone played it here that can offer an opinion on it?


Condemned is great – one of the scariest, most tense games i have ever played, plays great, looks great, interesting storytelling too. The sequel is also pretty sweet.


Condemned is definitely a better play than FEAR if you’re aiming for an actually scary game. FEAR 3 is good for a co-op bash and/or the occasional gotcha moment, condemned will actually make you scared.


I love you I need not say more.


Darkness 2 won’t let me purchase it. That is depressing.


Hate to triple post, but if you wanted Darkness 2 for $6 (if you use the key):


Condemned is definitely a better play than FEAR if you’re aiming foran actually scary game. FEAR 3 is good for a co-op bash and/or the occasional gotcha moment, condemned will actually make you scared.

Condemned is also the poster-child for why we needed an R18 rating. How it got an M15, not even an MA, is beyond me


Picked up Darksiders 1/2 and the season pass for $30.


It’s coming up as a up to 75% off war games deal for me.
Oct 26th is when the bonus 20% off is good to.


picked up Darkness 2 the other day for $6, heard it’s pretty fun!


I had wanted to pickup FEAR 3 but sadly that offer ended at 1100 UTC October 22nd :( I even had an email from GMG but just forgot to follow up.

The latest deals/codes always seem to be listed on their blog: which also has the discount code in text so you can just copy/paste it.


Haha, love the title change. I admit I had to do a double take.

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