Disappointing sales of MOH: Warfighter blamed for poor EA revenue in Q2

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By on October 31, 2012 at 1:49 pm

EA has overnight posted their financial figures for Q2 of the 2012-13 financial year, and although results were above general Wall Street expectations, they’re lower than the same time last year by the order of $4 million.

The publisher made special mention that revenue splits heavily favoured digital distribution: digital net revenue was up by $100 million on the same quarter last year, while packaged retail goods were down by the same amount. Mobile gaming net revenue and registered users are also both significantly up.

While EA highlighted positive sales of its sports titles including 7.3 million sales of FIFA 13, poor sales of Medal of Honor: Warfighter were blamed for the company failing to beat its previous years’ total. CEO John Riccitiello soothed angry investors by noting that slow AAA-sales are “typical for console games this late in the cycle” and that EA has “more big franchises than any other publisher, and most of these are doing very well”.

Our own review of the Warfighter single-player campaign went up on Friday, where we described it as “the year’s least ambitious shooter“.

Source: VG247

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I wonder if Total Biscuit’s 7 minute “Modern Military Shooter’s in a nutshell” snippet had some sort of an impact.



Great video wasn’t it =-). I really like warfighter, singleplayer shouldn’t exist but the multiplayer is really solid.


That’s what you get for launching a game with hardly any marketing and no review copies for game journos.


Hmm it’s almost like they wanted it to fail, what with all the stupid promo’s they attempted etc…

Why would a company like EA want a game to fail, not like they have a history of destroying dev studio’s is it…


Hmm it’s almost like they wanted it to fail

Let me start off by saying, that this is just plain stupid. What kind of company, anywhere in the world, wants and INVESTMENT to NOT PAY OFF. People should stop bandying this kind of nonsense due to pre-concieved prejudice.

I really enjoyed/am enjoying Warfighter. The multiplayer is really unique in a sea of copy cats (as much as it doesn’t look it from face value), and the single player really wasn’t that bad as far as shooting galleries go – I for one enjoyed it.

I think we all need to lighten up a bit. ALL games have their flaws but people, too easily throw away work by some very talented game developers, as total garbage. Anyone who hasn’t played this game, I would seriously recommend giving it a go yourself before judging it by reviews and comments.


Played some of the MOH 2010 MP and was far from impressed with it. That’s why I didn’t buy Warfighter.



EA shill detected.

Also something cannot be ‘really unique’.


Excuse me? Preconceived prejudice? Have you done any research into how EA has forcibly shut down a number of different dev studios it’s bought and then stripped disposed of them, usually at the whim of some senior exec from another studio who viewed them as a threat to their own studio…

I have no prejudice against warfighter, but with the ad campaigns and the terrible SP, how can anyone NOT see this reaction to the game. MoH always had a niche following, not a mainstream one. It can’t go head to head with BF or CoD because it doesn’t have the marketing or team behind it to do so.

I’m going to test out the MP of the game, however I don’t hold much hope for it as it’s about to lose out to CoD in terms of playerbase straight away. Even if it is better…


Thought i recognized your name from somewhere….SoD guys.

Yeah, im pretty much over the game. Only cost me $38. It probably wasnt really worth it in the end, but had a little bit of fun.



Thanks for the youtube link. Finnaly a look at what MP is like.

Can ea really call the series MOH anymore ? It seems like like a mix of MOH + COD + Battlefield all jumbled together with LAN removed , origin stuffed into the mix .

I think ill be waiting for it to go on special for 10 bucks .

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