Competition Time: We’ve got two Corsair Neutron SSDs to give away!

By on October 23, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Computer running a bit slowish? Need to give yourself an extra hour to boot up in the mornings, or always lagging behind your mates when it comes to grabbing the gunner seat in the chopper when the map loads? Never fear, Corsair and are here with a competition to help you perk up those ailing load times.

We’ve two 240GB Corsair Neutron SSD’s to give away — which you may remember from our recent hardware review as being “a couple of very potent” drives with “blistering sequential performance”. The first prize winner will receive the Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB, while the runner-up will receive the regular Corsair Neutron 240GB.

How do I enter?

There’s three parts to this competition, so pay close attention!

Corsair have asked us to help promote their Facebook page, so here’s the deal: head on over to the official Corsair Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button. Then, head on over to the official Facebook page and Like us there, as well.

Then, for the final act — leave a comment on this post, explaining how slow your computer is. Comments should follow this format: “My computer is so slow that…”. For example: “My computer is so slow that even Toby can do basic maths faster”, or “My computer is so slow that I have to boot it up at night before I go sleep if I want to use it in the morning.”

Comments should be 50 words or less in length.

Apologies to users who do not have Facebook accounts, but this competition is unfortunately open to Facebook users only! Accounts are free, though, if you need to go make one.

If your entry is selected, you will be contacted privately to check that you have Liked the Facebook pages as requested, before the prize is awarded.

How long do I have?

The competition runs from today until 11:59 PM ACDT on Sunday October 28.

Terms and Conditions

This competition is governed by the Terms and Conditions available on this page.

Good luck!

204 comments (Leave your own)

When I was filling out my driver’s license application and used my I.P. Address as my Physical address, the computer was so slow I had to turn a crank to keep beast humming, much akin to the cars of old.


I love that you guys are still doing competitions. Having said that, I think I’m going to sit this one out; mostly because I don’t have a Facebook account and I really don’t want to make one just to participate.


My computer is so slow that its I need to turn the graphics down on Minesweeper. :(


My computer is so slow that, it cannot create a Facebook account.


My computer is so slow that its clock is an accurate measurement of Valve time.


My computer is so slow I have to shovel coal into it the graphics card to make it run whenever it freezes.


My computer is so slow that I’d be better off signing up for the Australian Army and going to Afghanistan rather than waiting for Battlefield 3 to load.


My computer is so slow that I can play Quake 3 multiplayer as a play-by-email game.


My computer is so slow that this sentence took me a year to write!


My computer is so slow it’s like loading Crysis on low settings on a TI-80.


My computer is so slow that Commodore 64 owners snigger at how long it takes to load a word processor.


My computer is so slow that… [Connection lost, user eggheart has timed out]


My computer is so slow your mum gets my jokes before it does, and it supposedly has 4 brains!


My computer is so slow, that to find out how slow you should send a stamped, self addressed envelope and you’ll find out in 3-6 weeks


My computer is so slow that the core clock speed runs on 24 hour time.


My computer is so slow, so woefully slow, it took NASA’s Voyager less time to reach the edge of our suns influence then my computer to boot to desktop.


My computer is so slow that my old commodore 64 loaded river raid faster!


My computer is so slow by the time I had finished the XCOM tutorial the counsel had disolved XCOM – now I have to serve our new Alien Overlords.


My computer is so slow that by the time it loads the ‘Hot 18 y.o. brunette’ video, it turns out to be ‘Saggy 70 y.o. Nanna’ video.


Since i refuse to make a friendface account just for this , my entry will not be valid anyhoo….

My computer is so slow that….who am i kidding, my computer is fscking fast enuf, sif i need another ssd in it :-)

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