Competition Time! Ten PC copies of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission up for grabs

By on October 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Bohemia Interactive and have teamed up to give away ten copies — PC copies, naturally — of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to ten lucky readers. Gaea Mission is a remake of the original 1988 game of the same name, which you may remember if you used to own an Atari, Amiga or maybe even a Commodore 64. Now, 24 years on Bohemia have remade the strategy classic for modern sensibilities, and they want you to have it.

How do I enter?

Simple! Just leave a comment on this article explaining, in 150 words or less, what new robotic drone you would design to help you conquer the islands of Taurus. It can be a weapon drone bristling with rockets, maybe a supply drone that ships beef steak to your soldiers, or maybe it’s a morale-boosting drone that hums the Australian national anthem really loudly while the enemy is trying to sleep. Whatever it is, you’ve got 150 words or less to describe it to us in the comment section below.

Make sure to give it a cool name, and sorry — words only. Pictures are not allowed!

How long do I have?

The competition is open from now until 11:59PM Adelaide Time on Friday October 12. Make sure to get your entry in before then!

Entry to this competition is subject to the terms and conditions on this page. Good luck! Here’s a launch trailer to get you in the mood.

30 comments (Leave your own)

I have a great idea that I’d like to put in before it’s taken by someone else (because it surely will) but I will also most definitely want to come back and refine my entry at a later stage after I’ve ruminated on it some more. Which I can’t do.

These comments are a horrible medium for written competiton entries.


Feel free to post it anyway, and then post a second one that is revised? I will notice the username and avatar and connect the dots :P

Sorry, we are still working on comment editing.


I hate it when you’re reasonable, it makes indignation difficult.

The Innocent Tourist
Designed to imitate an ignorant tourist this life-like drone will loiter suspiciously close to enemy military installations snapping holidays photos that just happen to randomly include the enemy base in the background. If dismissed as American, the drone will have gained valuable intelligence when it returns to base. But should it be captured the drone contains a secondary function of self-detonation that will be initiated once brought inside the facility for detention.


Introducing The KEG209.

Morale-Ready: Able to geolocate friendly troops to dispatch weekly rations of Coopers Ale, or infiltrate enemy supply lines to decimate their moral by depositing XXXX.

Combat-Ready: Using “coldbeer fusion” (TM) rail gun technology, can punch through light armoured vehicles and/or cause radius shrapnel damage using its internal empty bottle supply.

Option-Ready: Alternate configurations include the Pretzel-Pod, BBQ-Flamer, BOOMbox, and Heat Seeking Umbrella Missiles.

Please Note: The deployment of ‘Nickelback’ with the BOOMbox attachment is against the Geneva Convention.


CodeName: The BieberBlaster 3000
Function: The ultimate psychological warfare device
Details: Taking the design of a regular go everywhere do everything tank. and strapping 4 concert grade speakers to the top. This brain melting device will do nothing other then play the latest CD release of none other then Justin Bieber. With a device such as this in your hands you will swiftly have the enemy waving their white flag of surrender… Or an entire base of men in the fetal position rendered unable to combat. It will bring a new meaning to the term ‘Unnecessary Force’.


Tim Colwill:
Sorry, we are still working on comment editing.

Ooh cool. You’re working on editing? I’m sure you clever folk will figure it out. Anyhow, my entry in 3…2…1…

Mecha Mobile Yamato Cannon
This weapon is a huge walking behemoth with a giant particle weapon mounted in its chest. It fires off a beam that is three times wider than the size of the drone itself, and carries enough punch to split a planet in half. This weapon will clear an island in seconds.

The drawbacks, besides having very little island left to conquer after it’s finished, are that it takes a long time to charge and has no other weapons, and it moves rather slowly to move into position. Also being 50ft tall means you don’t carry too many of them, or in fact too many of anything for that matter. The recoil on the gun means you kind of have to chase after it to retrieve it after firing too. That said, having one is enough to put the Fear of God into any would-be enemy.


The Apocalypse Now

A ULV that roll across the island under a cloaking field so it cannot be stopped as it roars out Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries as it charges towards the centre of the island. Atop its body? A nuclear goodbye present.

When it reaches its destination it lets off its gift that completely wipes the hostiles off the face of the Earth forevermore.

It’s the only way to be sure.


This is simple.

A robo-vuvuzela.
A genetically engineered vuvuzela, designed specifically for battle. Featuring ATV-tracks for maximum maneuverability. The enemy won’t know what hit them.

Mostly from the disorientation from the horrible, horrible noise.


Taking a rare break from humorous entries I have instead tried to extrapolate the technology used and made something that is an effective unit.

The Swarm.

The Command Carrier is essentially a central control platform, communicating with semi-automated drones. It has limited range so some sort of current tech communication. The Swarm is a group of nano sized robots. Alone they have very simple programming, to disrupt technology (think something like rust). They self replicate using the technology they infect.

They can be launched from the carrier ahead of arriving at the island/destination. A large collection of them in a swarm combine to increase the ability to receive and process commands from the carrier through parallel computing and proximity effectively increasing antenna size. They disperse across the destination island and wreak havoc. Upon the carriers arrival a strong ‘off’ message is transmitted and normal invasion proceeds.


The dislike drone: It hacks all the enemies social networks and removes all their likes, followers and friends; thus forcing them to go to MMORPG’s for comfort which will in turn make them fat and sluggish and easy to conquer


Id be surprised if 10 people were willing to enter because its probably the worst game ive played this year, and compared to last year. i wouldnt even play it if it was free.. seriously worst voice acting, horrible gun play and the entire game is linear *which isnt so bad*


The EMP Drone:

A little drone with a small radius EMP device that can be used to give you that upper hand in that ambush where you lure out the islands base units and temporarily shut them down leaving the base as easy pickings for your units to take control.


DN40-21 “The Duke”

Each exceptionally macho drone is heavily fortified with 0 armour and comes in weapon variants ranging from the basic pistol, shotgun and chaingun models or the more advanced rocket launcher, pipe bomb or shrinking/freezing options to the ultimate devastator* edition.

All models come in a pumped-up red and blue colour scheme and constantly voice demoralising messages to the enemy starting at “Oooh, that’s gotta hurt” to the utterly crushing “I go where I please, and I please where I go”.

During the month of October every order of 25 units receives a bonus Steam key for Duke Nukem Forever – remember to buy enough for all your troops!

*Some surcharges may apply.


I am thinking my ultimate weapon would be one based on defense where my Bot would make a impenetratable defence shield but then it would lay down 2 or 3 Sentry guns and a whole heap of land mines, set by my pre-programed Bot off course. No way you gonna catch me standing out there in the firing line,
Meanwhile I would be inside using spray and pray tactics while my robots magnetic field would draw all the bullets and other incoming metal projectiles to it.
Once it got to 40% health it would start cloning another to take its place.


the painter
a very small flying drone that can be carried and deployed by infantry or virtually any friendly unit

once deployed the drone floats high above the battlefield and searches for enemy targets (this is why you wear your IFF dog tags boys) via its infrared sensors
any heat source found with out proximity to IFF transponders is painted via the drones on board laser

painted objects are automatically selected as targets for the long range weapon systems from the command carrier, cruise missiles and smart rounds being the default choices of munition depending on estimated target mass

if the drone is unable to fly it will sit on the ground and await recovery
in this state if its sensors detect targets near by without IFF it will arm its small charge of high explosive and become a mine


Front Line Food Fighting Unit, affectionately known as “Fluffy”

Fluffy is here to ensure your front line troops are fed and hydrated. Designed on his ancestor the vending machine 6000, Fluffy navigates the battlefield and provides your troops with all their tasty supplies. Scan your dog tags and food is dispensed based on dietary requirements.

Should Fluffy encounter the enemy, it has been equipped with two devastating weapons to dish out the damage.
The “Pinch” will simply dismember any limb from those smug enough to try. All dismembered limbs are kept separate from food!
The “Pound” recognises nearby troop movement and Fluffy will happily activate, forcing down his 5 tonnes body weight will leave the enemy flat as a pancake.

No more wasted space on expired chocolate bars and powdered milk, your troops can now carry more ammo than ever before.

Fluffy, keeping troops fed on the front line.


I’d make a stealth spy drone with a tactical nuke inside it. Sneak it into a base and blow it sky high.


On paper it is an Entropy Drone that releases anti-matter upon detonation. At ground zero the anti-matter field expands instantaneously. Experiments on prisoners show that victims caught in the blast do not instantly disintegrate.

A high pitched wailing and metal grinding sound is first heard, and then the victims begin to feel their flesh boil and flake. Smell is immediately lost, and their lungs burn from within. After three seconds hearing is lost as the eardrums blow outward due to loss of external air pressure. Vision is the last to go with initial loss of definition, then colour, and finally darkness. We have brain wave evidence to indicate that victims are still conscious after loss of all senses. After eight seconds the victims disintegrate into non-existence.

Our scientists have affectionately dubbed it “Despair”. No one can hear you scream in an anti-matter field.


The Harrasanator.

This drone rolls onto the battlefield and proceeds to systematically ring every enemy troopers communication headset and offer them a mobile phone deal, distracting them from their duties so friendly troops can sneak by.
The Drone will keep harrassing them until they switch off their headsets resulting in fragmented and confused squadrons. It will also pester them around meal times so they miss out on their meals making them weak, therefore less efficient in battle, whilist lowering morale as the meals for enemy troopers go cold before they can eat them!

If any new mobile deals are actually made, with weak minded troopers, the proceeds then go towards funding the allied war effort making this Drones effectivness even better!
“This is the droid you are looking for!”


I think maybe my idea might be a little generic, but hopefully it highlights an underestimated military unit idea. Also I’m a bit late for this entry, so hopefully it hasn’t already been used.
A terraforming drone. It would be able to have a minor effect on the landscape by using weather and microwave technology to change the battlefield. It would be open to a whole range of utility from creating mist to aid stealth units, slowing enemy units with rain or even drying up swampland to allow better mobility. The drawback being that you need to make sure those terrain changes are actually beneficial to you and not to your enemy. It would need to have high mobility as it would need to reach the frontlines fast to begin altering the terrain, which would take a little while and require this drone to remain stationary for short periods.

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