Dead Island: Riptide creative director talks new setting, character and plot

Dead Island: Riptide

By on October 24, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Dead Island: Riptide is on it’s way, and Deep Silver’s creative director, Sebastian Reichert, has been out about discussing the new setting, character and plot.

“The request from the fans after the success of Dead Island was very clear – they want more and they want it now! However, creating a whole new setting will take a lot of time,” Reichert said to VG247. “So the question shifted to ‘do we have enough ideas in the same setting to offer another great experience, or do we have to shift the setting to deliver a full experience?’ Dead Island: Riptide is the answer to that. We changed the setting partially, built in new features fitting to this different environment and now we make sure the experience rocks again.”

“Plot-wise, ‘darker’ is good description of where we’re heading, but of course we stay bright and beautiful on the outside. We are taking a very special step in this instalment and we are looking forward to see how the fans react to it,” he went on. “There will be a new character, and yes we have a lot of ideas as mentioned before. There will be whole lot more to do. One small example would be that the game now tracks which weapons you use and mirrors that in your proficiency with those weapons.”

What do you think? Are you jungle-bound for more zombie slayage? Or do you think it’s simply too similar, too soon, too much, oh God why? Let us know what you think.

Source: VG247

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I still can’t understand the “hate following” this game generated. There were a few things I didn’t like sure,(Good ol’ yanks trying to pull off an Aussie accent..) but overall it was an enjoyable experience. Will definitely be awaiting this sequel.


Can’t wait for the sequel. Dead Island was a brilliant game. Sure it was a little buggy, but atleast it was different from the other cookie cutter FPS and zombie games on the market. I know people also say that the zombie Genre is getting stale, but I beg to differ, there haven’t been enough good Zombie games for the genre to be stale, I also pre-ordered a WiiU solely for Zombiu, can’t get me enough zombie slaying!


I’m a definitely a fan of DI with 200 hours under my belt. But the game needs to change a LOT of things up and fix a lot of bugs for me to really enjoy another one. Nothing wrong with the games setting, I enjoyed that immensely except for the city area.

There needs to be a big improvement to blunt weapons, I didn’t find them near as fun or powerful as sharp weapons. Even the developer blunt weapons paled in comparison to the sharp versions which even paled in comparison to the knife. That knife…. made zombies no more than ants that needed a quick stamp to kill 20+ in one shot without a sweat.

Molotovs and explosives need upgraded versions, once you hit a high enough level all explosives became useless, unable to kill even a standard zombie.

Then of course throwing weapon’s need a whole new system for tracking and retrieving thrown weapons. It was a real chore to use them and retrieve them after each combat, then re-sort them into the proper slots in the radial selection.

Guns were good, a lot of people confused them as bad thinking they could be used against anything but they were primarily for weak/fast (infected) zombies, humans and for setting gaseous enemies on fire with incendiary bullets which they done very well. But the aiming system was horrible on PC with mouse and keyboard. Which is a very important part toward enjoying those weapons.

Co-op wise, I never enjoyed co-op at all solely due to never being enough zombies for everybody to have fun. Even just 2 players would cause most fights to consist of you 1v1 with only a zombie each, it was more a competition to get the kills and enjoy the very short lived combat before the other player takes the fun away, than it was a challenge in survival. The zombie numbers and toughness need to scale with the player numbers to encourage sticking together and make blunt weapons (and their knockdowns) more useful.

And fix the damn stomp so that it works for the first person to stomp the zombie, instead of just being interrupted by another person attempting a stomp. Lock the body down during the stomp so other players attempts don’t push the body away.


Ehhhhhhh is my reaction to Dead Island.

Played it with a couple of mates,

So by the third night of playing they were 30 levels higher than me and I gave up.
As I would just continously run at the high level zombies getting killed non stop until they finally died.
The Story was crap so couldn’t be bothered playing SP, same with the Voice Actor’ Accents.

Number 2 looks like more of the same….Going to give this one a pass.

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