The War Z alpha footage feels distressingly familiar


By on September 23, 2012 at 2:38 pm

A couple of minutes of alpha footage from The War Z have turned up, and while the basic concept – scavenge, shoot, stealth – seems pretty solid, shooter fans may suffer rage fits when they see it in action. Inevitable comparisons to Day Z are only to be expected, but get a load of that weapon selection interface. Here’s hoping it’s just a placeholder while a more original UI is developed.

Source: VG247

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I’m REALLY glad I’m not the only person who’d noticed that. I even went looking to see if I had been mistaken and it was actually using the Crytek engine. But nope, just a total interface ripoff.

That said, it’s a pretty good weapon modding system visually, so I can see why they’d do it. Maybe its better to have a ripoff than go and reinvent the wheel and do it worse.


who cares? lets just hope we don’t get an Apple-like lawsuit out of it :roll:

honestly you make it sound as if no games have ever copied features from other games or something.


I thought it was the Brink UI for a second with the spinning circle when picking up objects, but wow, that is pretty much identical to Crysis.

Having said that, I’m still looking forward to seeing how this game pans out.


My god those sounds are atrocious.


This game is going to blow chunks. A crappy rushed game riding on the coat tails of DayZ. Regardless of whether you agree with the morals of doing this. It will lead to a really sub par game. Anyone who thinks this will be any good has lost their minds.


This looks awful. What does it do differently to what’s already out there at all? Obviously DayZ was the inspiration, but they’ve copied from that leaving the realism behind for basic unity fps mechanics. So we’ve got a game that’s gone backwards from the game it’s trying to rip off. Then you ad the crysis rip (which in saying that looks quite useful and I wouldn’t mind using it haha) and some shitty as sounds that could have been ripped from a flash game on the internet…

Expectations for this game being good are quickly heading into negative numbers.



People are so quick to call the game a rip off. The development time started last year, around the time Rocket started the development of Day Z. They probably saw the success of Day Z and decided to announce the game earlier than planned.


I like the ignorants here saying its a rip off of dayz, it was actually in development before Dayz was even released. Its a coincidence that it just happens to look similiar to dayz, And yes they were ‘forced’ to announce it earlier then planned because of DayZ.


When you have a game that is a clone of another (I don’t care what started first, people saw DayZ first so will see this as the clone to it) you don’t call it a VERY similar name. DayZ is a bad enough name for a game and they call this one WarZ? How is that in any way a good decision?


So many pointless negative comments for the sake of being negative here. -_- Do some research and get your facts straight before you blindly blast a game. This has the *potential* to being a much better game than DayZ imo. Slow but many zombies ftw!


It is complete horse shit that this game has been in development before DayZ. It uses a shitload of objects/models as The War.Inc and this is all they have to show for all that time. Either incredibly slack devs, or a rush job.



arnt they making all their models and maps.. dayz had it all made out for them. they idnt have to make a mad or really any textures for the game..



The War Z is a book actually, so they didn’t really copy DayZ.

And to the rest of you, this is alpha footage. Honestly I have higher hopes for this then the standalone DayZ game. People talk about anything Arma like it is the second coming of Christ.


I’ll give it a fair shot once it’s released, but I’m not sure how I feel about it now, it just seems very.. COD-like.


World War Z was a book. Not War Z.

They say that it was in development before Day Z, I think that is a lie. Just a publisher seeing the amazing money potential of a stand alone Day Z clone and pulling a bluff. Any cash in clone would have been crucified without a cover story.


Could be right heatho, there is no real way to prove it is there? World War Z.. amazing book.


it is a video of the alpha version of the game remember



Any proof of that other than the developers claiming it to be the case? It’s all suss as hell.


Sorry to all those who actually believe in the “coincidence” reasoning behind WarZ. It’s just a way to hide the amount of rip off going on here. While the gun menu is a direct rip off from Crysis, the rest is a pretty average experience, just look at the level of detail and the model action/reactions. If it’s alpha that means they are in bugfixing and UI dev mode, so the basic mechanics are feature complete, which doesn’t bode well for the game. Sounds at this stage are hopefully placeholders, if not again they are in very very deep crap.

Last problem is that the models ingame look identical to DayZ. I really hope that all who had their work ripped off sue the pants of these guys…



Is there anything to back this up?

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