Suddenly: System Shock 2 and Thief 2 receive awesome patches

System Shock 2

By on September 27, 2012 at 11:09 am

Out of nowhere, unofficial patches for System Shock 2 and Thief 2 have popped up, on French gaming forum Ariane4ever. The patches bring the games forward literally a decade into the future, allowing them to be easily played on current hardware and upscaled to proper resolutions.

Uploaded by a mysterious user by the name of “Le Corbeau” — “The Raven” — the patches come in both a standalone form for people who already own the games, and in a demo form for those who want to see what the games will look like patched up to this standard. Nobody on the forum itself seems to know who the Raven is, he literally appeared out of nowhere, dropped a massive patch that fixes two classic games, and disappeared again into the night. What a hero.

You can download the patches from our own mirror: System Shock 2, and Thief 2 respectively. Remember you’ll need to be logged in to download files.

Source: Kotaku (Thanks, jambo)

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The patches are also on the Gamas.On.Net file mirror =]


The patches are also on the Gamas.On.Net file mirror =]

That Cas, he is too fast


Tim Colwill: That Cas, he is too fast

Thank Jambo, he made the suggestion that we host the files at 12:45PM yesterday, to which I replied a few short hours later ;)


Freaking sweet!!!! Thief is my favourite gaming series ever, too bad it’s not TDP but TMA is great fun as well and SS2 is a fantastic game.


You could say he disappeared into the shadows? Like a Thief in the night? I’m punny :o



Puns like that are a real…shock 2 the system…


Sheeeeiiiittt, a year or so ago I went through great pains to get SS2 running on win7, only to play for an hour or so total. Might have to give it another spin.


SS2 is a brilliant game. Pitty I never played any Thief games


It was me.



Puns like that are a real…shock 2 the system…


Argh this commenting system is killing me. BRING BACK THE FORUM TOPICS DAGNAMMIT.

Anyway I was trying to post troll face because you win vcatkiller :P


Ew, awesome.

SS2 is a great game. Now’s your chance to give it another try ( I already did so last year ).


Right, now Gog just need to sell the friggen System shock games at some point and I’ll be set….


That’s reasonably awesome.

A few months ago I played through SS1 again, and was blown away by how awesome that game is, once you can contort your digits around the arcane controls. I’d put it above SS2, Deus Ex and Thief personally.


Oh my god, the last time I played SS2 was back on my dad’s Windows 98 jigger with a Pentium 3 and 64MB of RAM circa 2001 or so. I must get onto this tonight.

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