Razer announces ‘Razer Blade’ laptop to launch in Australia on November 1

Razer Blade

By on September 19, 2012 at 9:02 am

Peripheral manufacturer Razer yesterday used an event in Sydney’s Cockle Bay Wharf to announce the launch of their latest Razer Blade gaming laptop.

Described a little cheekily as the ‘world’s first gaming laptop’, the mice, keyboard and headset maker unveiled its unique take on portable gaming, featuring some impressive hardware and the unique Switchblade UI touch pad. The laptop includes an impressive Intel i7 3632QM, a 2GB Geforce GTX 660M, a 1920×1080 (17.3″) screen, 500GB 7200rpm HDD, 64GB SSD and 8GB (1600mhz) of DDR3 RAM.

While the specs are certainly enough to handle the current crop of games, it doesn’t come cheap. The $2999 asking price is on par with Apple’s most expensive offerings, but the inclusion of the 660M should be attractive for any portable gaming enthusiast.

The included matte finish and its slimline design (0.8 inches to be exact) might even convince some gamers to pass on the MacBook. Whether other hardcore gamers will be convinced to pay the not-so-insignificant premium for mobility remains to be seen – but as far as Razer’s concerned, it won’t be from a lack of trying.

The Razer Blade launches November 1 and will be available from the Razer Online store and select JB Hi-Fi stores around Australia. Click here for more information.

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For that price? No thanks; even though I’m looking for a new laptop, might just go for a cheap AMD APU and leave the serious gaming on my Desktop where it can be truly enjoyed in triple screens. :)


I have similar specs in some HP laptops for half the price; what makes this one so special, apart from the touchpad?

What a rip-off…


Same thing costs $2499 in the US. Nice going Razer.

I was afraid this would happen.


For $2999 you would think they could come up with a name that isn’t targeted at 14 year olds o_O

Then again it’s an appropriate name, that price is pretty cutting :P


I have similar specs in some HP laptops for half the price; what makes this one so special, apart from the touchpad?

What a rip-off…

Touch pad and it’s crazy thin and light.

With that said though and even being a bit of a Razer fanboy this is waaaaay too expensive.

Village idiot

I’ll give them one thing (touchpad or not) its a nice sleek looking laptop. I’d be happy with one…. But 3k you have to be kidding right. Could never justify dropping 3k on something that will be outdated in 6-12 months.


pinothyj: I have similar specs in some HP laptops for half the price; what makes this one so special, apart from the touchpad

Err unless you have a HP Spectre/Envy 17, then spec’s wise, your not close. The Blade is pretty much an ultrabook fleshed out a bit, so with it’s 660M and hybrid drive setup, its a bit ahead of both HP and Dell, but then, its a specialized gaming device.

2.5K would have been nice, but 3K is way too much, i have a growing hatred of Razer for its +30% Aus tax, to the point i put up on their FB page a price gauge for their BWU 2013 which is priced $209 here, 199 in singapore and $139 in the states and $124in the UK. Conversion rates aside, seriously $70 more to get a keyboard…


positive note, PCCG sells it for $165, i’d love to support razer and see more of my friends using their gear, but their online store is a damn shame. (much like every other ‘online’ PC peripheral and parts store from major manufacturers… how hard is it to update the Aus websites?)


Hmm, Asus G75 has a 670M 3gb gfx card and 16 gb ram, a larger ssd, a larger normal hard drive and is about $2200-$2500 in aus.


Wonder what it’s build quality is like….
Still wont buy it. I hate Razer after buying the first Razer product and it being shit out of the box.



Err, my first Razer product*


I love razer products, but this is a bit steep.

Will keep an eye on pricing etc in the future and maybe if the exchange rate is in our favor consider importing one from the states. Keeping in mind this may just be a “launch price hike” and in 6 months time they may have seen the light.

Especially if a price drop also happens in the states ;)

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