Preparing for Pandaria: Introducing the Monk

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

By on September 17, 2012 at 11:12 am

In case you haven’t been paying any attention in the last year or so, Blizzard has another World of Warcraft expansion on the way. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is due out in a matter of weeks (the 25th to be precise), and with it comes the introduction of the first new class since the Death Knight, and the first new class that is immediately playable regardless of your progress. The class? The Monk.

Tying in with Mists‘ whole Eastern-culture-theme, the Monk is a martial-arts expert. It’s a leather-wearing class like the Druid, even at the level cap, and also like the Druid class, the Monk is hugely flexible — able to fill almost any gap in a group.

Unlike the Druid though, the Monk can’t switch roles at will in quite the same way. And the Monk has a new resource system revolving around Chi (it’s changed a lot since its introduction at BlizzCon last year), which is earned by a few moves and spent by several others. Monks also use the energy system, unless they take on their healing role, which swaps the energy for standard mana.

The three possible talent specialization options available for the Monk are the Brewmaster, suitable for tanking, the Mistweaver, suitable for healing and the Windwalker, which is your damage-dealing option.

What the Brewmaster lacks in raw damage-mitigation, he makes up for in utility. The Brewmaster has a spammable area-of-effect slow that deals high threat and has a chance to make the enemies caught in it hurt themselves instead of whoever they’re attacking (probably you!). He also has ways to direct damage around the battlefield, and can create his own personal damage-absorbing shield. He’s still quite squishy, but passively delays a portion of incoming damage, which gives healers an extra window to keep him alive.

The Mistweaver puts a large emphasis on heal-over-time spells, and many of the Mistweaver’s spells will automatically choose their target, or jump between players. Playing a Mistweaver consists of some elements that may ring familiar to Shaman players, as Mistweavers can drop structures that heal nearby allies. Mistweavers also have quite decent damage potential, as healing stats are simultaneously converted into damage stats while in Wise Serpent stance. Mistweaver players gain all this at the cost of bursty healing and the ability to control their heals as well as a Priest might. But, Mistweavers get to drop green balls of healing power for allies to run over. So that’s pretty cool.

Windwalkers are going to be an absolute pain in PvP, as they’re extraordinarily mobile. Flying Serpent Kick, for example, sends the Monk flying forward for a surprisingly large distance. He can then hit the ground anywhere along the path, dealing damage and substantially slowing any nearby foes. The Windwalker also has ways to redirect damage, though whereas the Brewmaster is happy to direct it away from allies and towards him, the Windwalker is all about flipping that damage back on his foe.

Perhaps you’re wondering if the Monk is right for you. The best way to describe the playstyle is somewhere between the Death Knight’s methodical rune system, and the Rogue’s burst capabilities. To play a Monk effectively, you have to carefully choose how to generate and spend your Chi, as Chi is used for your core skills, and your ability to generate it is limited by your energy supply. It’s a much faster, more tactile class than what we’re used to in WoW, and leveling one up should be a good deal of fun — but 85 levels is a big gap to close to catch up to your friends.

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Am I the only one who finds this up an coming WoW patch completely un-interesting? GW2′s fire has sputtered out for me yet I still can’t bring myself to go back to WoW. There just doesn’t seem to be anything interesting in the patch.


Nope Im stoked and can’t wait.


Same, looking forward to it.



guild wars 2 is now really boring for me, ive done every dungeon, got map completion, have a tanky set and dps set of max stats, have plenty of gold and done some wvw.

there is really nothing to do anymore. Nothing needs your hard earned exotic gear to complete and can be done with a 15s per piece rare set which kind of defeats the purpose.

wvw and events are just you’re one of a million people in a group so that’s rather boring and dungeons are just chaos without the 3 roles. not hard just chaos, where ranged dps most likely end up tanking every boss while everyone just runs around with 1 turned on.

so im really looking forward to MoP. I will get bored of it no doubt about that, but it should give me 2 months of fairly fun play i think.


kinkykel: There just doesn’t seem to be anything interesting in the patch.

Challenge dungeons. CRZ play. I’m keen.


Been playing GW2 since the normal release, every day for a few hours at least, still only level 33. DIdn’t seem like a game with much to do at the end, especially considering the lack of subscription, so just slowly making my way through in the hope there will be something there when I reach it.


what is waiting at the end depends on what you are seeking really, i mean the lvl 70-80 maps on the south for example is a full scale event map, essentially those entire maps are dedicated around the singular goal event and all the events around that map are tied to it.

essentially a PvE version of the WvW in some sense…

other than that, treasure hunting chest or exploration in general, each dungeon for example have exploration mode after you complete them, 3-4 paths for each dungeon exploration (you pick one option out of each run).

some of the dungeon exploration paths are quite hard because they r impossible to zerg, and requires some thinking on the part of the team and task assignment (like the AC exploration mode with the scepters path where you have to defend the NPC while exterminating mobs and their source).


I have GW2. I’d much rather be playing MOP when it’s out tbh.


I think I’ll be playing borderlands 2 when it comes out, when that gets a little long in the tooth i’ll do torchlight 2, that should last me till XCOM in which case I wont be seen or heard from by another human being for a few months. Well aside from going to work .. that damn work :/


Probably the first wow expansion I’m not going to play.


There is plenty to do in GW2, and it’s impossible to have done it all yet. So you have obtained your legendary items yet? Re-roll a different toon then if your bored of your main, not just class but race – a whole different perspective?

GW2 – Full Game – $50 + no subs
MoP – Expansion – $40 + still $15/mth

I like the fact that casual players who dont want to play 12 hours a day can play at the speed they want, with no pressure to power level based on what their friends are doing (thanks to guesting/autolevel), or the fact that they are paying a monthly sub so there is this “effort” to continue playing to get the most out of your money..

Seriously Cata lasted 4 weeks for me, then un-subbed. All the hype ultimately meant more of the same back/forth to quest givers, grind, etc – with hardly any change at all. (plus/minus a few stolen ideas from other MMO’s along the way).. MoP will be the same. Massive hype, chaos, queues, and zerg, then thins out to the same ol same ol, then un-sub.. most money I have wasted on an expansion that should of been more like $10..

If GW2 starts releasing expansions, I will gladly pay and play at my own pace.


Well each ppl have their own preference,

GW2 appeals the best honestly to those with more independent drive, and are not particularly suited for those expecting a rigid structured path.

i was partying up with one colleague who is a WoW veteran and while i am enjoying the exploration of the area we were doing (found one of the hidden treasure location and a hidden exploration location while at it) he was constantly whining about where to go, which hearts to do and so on and so forth.

some ppl essentially prefer to be guided from one point to another, whether it’s the after effects of WoW or other MMO i don’t know, but i realized from that, that GW2 will not really fill their need. Instead of exploring the world, all i hear from him constantly is that he wants a flying mount to get to the next hearts or quest point faster (which technically defeats the point of the map design and exploration but well i expected that comment from him).

in short: GW2 will not particularly appeal in the long term to those who LIKED the old MMO and their formula, nor did it seems to be designed to cater them in particular…

and u know what? That’s fine, let those who liked that style go back to MoP, frankly if it means i have one less colleague that whine constantly about it on the VOIP, the better. In the mean time i will enjoy my time with GW2 and finding every treasure in it’s world if i am not PvPing.


Somewhere along the line it somehow became the norm for people to have to play either or. Considering the choice of MMO’s out there – play whatever the hell you enjoy – stuff what other people say.

There’s some pretty bloody diverse options out there…

LoTRO with it’s new horsey expansion coming soon..
EQ2 with its funky character faces being mapped to yours via cam…
GW2 new and subscription free with probably the best MMO pvp currently around…
SW:TOR with its fully voiced PvE gameplay and refreshing sci-fi environment
WoW – catch up on the old content if you havent prior to pandaville
Secret World with its cool modern setting and levelless gameplay
Rift with its up and coming storm legion expansion
Tera with its action based gameplay

Hell there’s even F2P Age of Conan, Aion and probably a few more i’m forgetting.

Someone will probably rock up now and tell me how i’m wrong, how no-one could possibly want to play any of the above list.

Play whatever the hell you want to play. The beauty of MMO’s is you can swap and change between them month to month as your interest changes. The whole ‘this game is shit because i dont like it’ thing gets so unbearably old.

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