PopCap on the fence about Peggle level editor, worried about users making ‘penis levels’


By on September 17, 2012 at 9:13 am

Peggle is a pretty successful game, and certainly one of the biggest in PopCap’s stable of market-dominating casual timewasters. So why, even after all these years, haven’t we been given a level editor for it?

“This idea has been tossed around internally for years,” said PopCap’s Jeff Green to Raptr. “There have been equal camps both pro and con around this idea. The biggest pro, obviously, is more content for everyone, and less work for PopCap.”

“The biggest con is what is known in the industry as TTP: Time To Penis. That is, how long would it take for a penis level to show up, and then how many would we have to delete every day?”

The video game industry, ladies and gentlemen.

Source: PCGamesN

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I wonder if the video games industry wasn’t so American-centric would we still see such concern over phallic symbols showing up anywhere in them? I’d like to think not.


Is this serious or are they just trolling?

They can’t seriously be concerned about a penis shaped level.


Time To Penis is just hilarious in itself.



If the video games industry wasn’t so American-centric I’d hazard a guess and say we probably wouldn’t have to be concerned about phallic symbols showing up everywhere in them. The Yanks believe the subject taboo so of course infantile minds instantly gravitate towards drawing them.


This could be effectively policed if it was done through Steam Workshop.


I recall Blizzard having to delete SC2 community maps featuring various body part’s in their design.


I don’t really see the issue with people making ‘rude’ maps, people who don’t like them aren’t going to be forced to play them…


The TTP abbreviation needs to be used more in the world, I think.


I think we could save a lot of time.



I don’t really see the issue with people making ‘rude’ maps, people who don’t like them aren’t going to be forced to play them…

They are worried about children stumbling across them (or seeking them out) and then having their parents freak…

Wouldn’t take too many stories beaten up by the wowsers to have the games and publisher) suffer.


“and then how many would we have to delete every day?”

Wait, what? When I was a lad, a game developer couldn’t just delete a map you made because they didn’t like it for whatever reason. Is it because of things like the Steam Workshop which makes them think they have to stay within the walled garden if they want to release an editor (and hence police it?) They could always not use the Workshop and allow other ways to share levels which don’t require the taste police.



We can’t keep pandering to the crazy parents and media all the time. If Deus Ex (the original) was released nowadays, it’d be quickly banned/censored because some kid finds out he can gib other kids in the game with a GEP gun or the Dragon’s Tooth sword.

Sometimes publishers just have to stand up to stupid people I think.


I don’t like this whole censorship bandwagon the internet seems to have jumped on, but I don’t think people making penis levels are any less stupid then those who want to ban them.

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