Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter passes the $2 million mark with twelve hours left

Planetary Annihilation

By on September 14, 2012 at 4:34 pm

The planet-annihilating Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter has now raked in over two million dollars on its pledge drive, with just over twelve hours remaining on the clock.

The massive amount of money means that the game has now unlocked nearly all of its stretch goals: a full orchestral score is now in the works, along with the ‘Galactic War’ replayable single- and multi-player meta game that allows you to conquer procedurally-generated galaxies alone or together with a friend. Lava and metal-based planets are now locked in, giving access to vast amounts of geothermal energy and ancient battle stations of aeons past.

If the drive reaches $2.1 million in the next twelve hours, the team will fund and produce a documentary about the creation of the game. For more information on the available reward tiers and what you can unlock for donating, take a look at some of the recent posts.

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Onwards to the documentary


and to think I was worried we were going to miss out on the lava/metal planets…

this is going to be so awesome, my biggest complaint is that its not even made yet.


Really looking forward to this, would be an amazing game.


I want it NOOOWWWW :(


I’m starting a Kickstarter to create a time-machine to grab PA from the future and bring it back to right when the Kickstarter ends. Estimated amount needed is $545 billion. Any pledger’s?


Wow I didn’t think it would get to 2 million when I saw it yesterday. I have 12 hours to consider if I should kickstart it now…



I thought it wouldn’t even make the 1.5million mark. XD

I hope they get to the documentary. I love documentaries and would rather that than the full orchestral score. :P


Wow I didn’t think it would get to 2 million when I saw it yesterday. I have 12 hours to consider if I should kickstart it now…

well they’ve said the $20 price that scores you a copy of the game is a significant discount compared to what it will release at if that tempts you at all…


Cannot beleve we hit the 2mil mark. As others have said I thought it would be a real struggle to get close to the 1.5mil mark let alone 2mil 0__0


Got mah name in the planetary name generator. Fuck yeah :D


First kickstarter I’ve put money on. Oh and it looks like it’s getting close to the 2.1mil mark, just a bit over $38,000 to go. I’m now really interested to see if they make it.

James Pinnell

Apparently, plus PayPal, it’s finished up at just over $2.3 million. Wow.


Nice! I guess we get the documentary then. :D

Bugalugs McScruffin

Heya, will be interested in running game servers for this?



they said its not going to work like that ;)



Isn’t that exactly how it will work?

From their site:

Client-Server Networking Architecture
Other than Total Annihilation, which was asynchronous, most Real-Time Strategy games use a synchronous networking model, which means that all the computers in a given game are held back by the slowest machine. The Planetary Annihilation engine uses a client-server model so that the “heavy lifting” can be done on a game server, freeing up gamers’ machines to engage in bigger battles with more players!


Now… we wait.

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