Mists of Pandaria to cut down on phasing, allow you to see friends while phased

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

By on September 20, 2012 at 12:33 pm

One of the biggest changes for Cataclysm was Blizzard’s wholesale adoption of phasing as a go-to technique for storytelling — but in Pandaria, Blizzard are cutting back on all that. As I instruct my team, phasing is like a story sledgehammer,” said Blizzard’s lead quest designer David Kosak. “It’s the big gun. We want to avoid it as much as possible.”

“There’s still phasing in Mists of Pandaria for major story moments, but it’ll be very obvious that you’ve been phased,” he said. “And even then, the big change for Mists of Pandaria over most of Cataclysm is that players will be able to see their friends even if they’re in different phases — the difference being that one player will see one version of the surroundings and others players will see another.”

Kosak also discussed the addition of companion quests, where you can unlock different companions to accompany you as you progress through your faction, as well as the removal of group quests. “People have less patience these days,” he said. “The biggest problem with group quests way back in the days of vanilla WoW was the process of actually getting people together. It took a long time.”

Source: Gamespy

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Companions and companion quests? Like in SWTOR? Or something else I wonder..


Group quests were the most interesting part of questing… seeing if you could solo 5/3 man quests. That’s really dumb if they took them all out.


No group quests = even less social interaction, as you need to talk to people to organise a group quest. Maybe even make a new friends to quest with for a while.

No one talks anymore, they just want to get it over and done with to get some pretty sparklies and leave. Doing the 3 man scenario and no one even says “hi”. Already doing companion scenario quests with live people that are mute.

Blizzard are making it too easy for people to play an MMO as a single player game.


The one thing everyone hated back in the old days was raiding 40 mans and having to take lazy people or retards through encounters. But looking back, atleast having 40 man raids created a guild environment where everyone was part of the same goal (not individual groups or small teams). Moving 40 people into the right areas doing the right stuff was a challenge in itself ( c’thun / heigan / 4 horsemen), and the useless people, gave you someone to make fun of.

The move towards smaller raids and now even more towards single player kind of goes against everything that made the game popular imo.


No 40mans were shit. They’ve done a lot of things wrong but the move to smaller raids was a good one.


^This guy has it. I remember sitting around for hours to get 40 people organised. Even when you got 40 together it took 3 times as long as it should have do run whatever you were doing. No one wanted to move first in case they were accused of ‘Leeroying’ it. Watching grass grow was more interesting to be honest.

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