Diablo III 1.0.5 patch notes finalise changes to Resplendent Chests, crowd control, shrines and more

Diablo III

By on September 21, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Patch 1.0.5 has now hit the Diablo III PTR, and the patch notes have hit the internet. The promised changes to defensive skills and the addition of an “Infernal Machine” that can be used to summon uber-bosses for sweet loot are in, as is the addition of a ‘Monster Power’ command that enables you to fine-tune the game difficulty on a much more granular level.

Resplendent Chests have been changed to operate similarly to Elite packs in Inferno difficulty with rewards based on stacks of Nephalem Valour, and major in-game events now grant one stack of Nephalem Valor when completed by a level 60 character on Inferno difficulty. Shrines, pets and snare effects have also been changed.

Also included in the patch notes is the promised huge nerf to the Demon Hunter’s Trail of Cinders rune, down from 1500% bonus damage to 300%. You were warned. Check out the full patch notes on Battle.net.

Source: Battle.net

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there are some biigggg changes hidden in those notes.

double tornado barbs just got a huge nerf (run like the wind proc from 0.2 to 0.08)

Items below iLevel 58 no longer drop in Inferno difficulty

Affixes on items will now roll their level based on the level of the monster killed (rather than the item’s level) – this seems to imply that level 58 items dropped from a level 63 monster can roll level 63 stats. if this is accurate this is a ridiculously massive change.

when selling an item, a “Find Similar” button has been added to allow players to quickly search for items currently up for auction that have similar stats

Players can now search for +Damage on off-hand items

The cast time for identifying Rare items has been reduced to 1 second

Nephalem Valor stacks are now restored whenever a player rejoins the last multiplayer game he/she was disconnected from.

and it also looks like DH got a bunch of new skill choices. the article mentions the nerf to trail of cinders, but it looks like it doesn’t matter.

every patch Blizzard makes sure that anyone who says they don’t listen to their customers looks even more foolish.


Good changes for the DH for me at least. Wouldn’t mind being able to drop 3 sentry turrets (incl Custom Eng) and the switch to using Hatred is gonna be good… between sentry and caltrops, I use up too much discipline. The updates to Companion is also nice… though, I might consider using Strafe again.

Wizard’s Ray of Frost improvements also most welcome.

I also think the Whirlwind Barb I want to make is now viable. Double WW isn’t my thing… though I do want to be able to WW through crowds like in Diablo 2. I had heaps of Mana Steal in that game. In D3, between Unforgiving, WW with the fury gen rune, and the fury reduction cost for WW, I reckon most people should be able to WW around for a while.

Now, I sure hope Blizzard is working on an expansion. Quite a lot of people I know have dropped out of the game simply because grinding/farming the same areas over and over again sucks (and Torchlight 2 is now out). Sales on the AH have slowed tremendously for me over the past week. Tweaks are good but I think new content is needed.



Some of those changes are pretty awesome.

It’s funny that I started playing again after the 104 patch and have actually been enjoying the game, again. This patch looks to make things even more enjoyable, even if they do nerf the trail of cinders I’ve been oh so enjoying.


Blizzard has announced an offline mode:


Not the type that we were wanting.

Still, being seen as offline is better than being seen as ‘busy’ all the time… I just leave the game up to check on the AH from time to time while I do other stuff and don’t want to be seen as ignoring everyone so ‘offline’ is most welcome.


Umm, Torchlight 2 is out, why are you guys still here discussing Diablo?



We can multi-task :-P

But seriously, there are those of us who enjoy both games and want to see both flourish.


Well I think they’re nice changes. Imho it’s getting slightly better every patch.

lordezekiel: lordezekiel

Since 104 I’ve been having fun with the game. It’s great to just drop in for 30 mins and have a bash.


Still a neverending loot grind to feed the AH. Unfortunately its too little too late for me. Would love to see it florish as well but now I’m onto BL2, holy hell this is a good game!

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