Command & Conquer F2P to have single player, EA heard players “loud and clear”

Command & Conquer

By on September 10, 2012 at 5:07 pm

The artist game formerly known as Command & Conquer: Generals 2 and now just as ‘Command & Conquer’ instead has confirmed — in a sort of backwards manner — that it won’t be ditching single player just because it’s free-to-play.

“Our intention with Command & Conquer is to create a triple-A experience. And by that I mean we’re using Frostbite tech, we’re using very high-end graphics,” said EA’s Frank Gibeau. “Does that mean it’s not going to have single-player? No, that’s something we’ve obviously heard loud and clear that is important to people.

“The beauty of free-to-play, is that we can adjust and adapt to what we’re hearing as opposed to, ‘I’m sorry, it’s two months from ship and it is what it is.’”

The game will still be set in the era of the previous 2003 Generals game for its single-player, with the goal eventually being to bring in units from Red Alert and Tiberium Sun and “to have some stuff fans have been asking for, for years.”

Source: Polygon

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I don’t care what he “greenlights”

He’s still a massive twat.


Inclusion of a skirmish mode would be my guess after hearing the Planetary Annihilation guys talk about how expensive campaigns are to do.


I’m signed up to try to get the beta.

Mate and I loved CnC Generals to bits in the day.

It probably won’t live up to it in any way, but I’m willing to try.


yeah sounds a bit mish-mashed. when they decided not to call it ‘generals’ I lost a lot of interest


They’re starting with Generals and then bringing in units from RA and Tiberium Sun? What kind of game are they making here exactly?


once it went free to play i was over it


Worried about the Single player campaign? I was more worried that with it going F2P the MP will become pay to win and that you will be able to use hardly any (good) units without paying lots of money.



^ This. There is no way this will be the C&C game I’ve been waiting for since C&C3. The hieght of the franchise for me would be RA2. Generals was fun, C&C3 was good, RA3 was… okay, didnt even bother with C&C4 (since it wasn’t C&C). Now Generals2 just sounds like a mess.


I hate this because hating EA is a gut reaction!

Its weird. I’ve mixed feelings but really… this can only be a good thing. You’ve heard us loud and clear EA? Thank you :)


When i think f2p, the furthest thing from my mind is usually “very high end graphics”

At any rate, you just KNOW they are gunna screw the pooch somehow on this one…

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