Capcom taking their time with Resident Evil 6 on PC, don’t want another Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 6

By on September 20, 2012 at 10:31 am

A user on Capcom’s ‘Ask Capcom’ thread on their official forum posed the question: “can you tell us when start to make Resident Evil 6 PC version?” Although their grammar was unclear, Capcom’s answer was not: Senior VP Christian Svensson replied to say that they were taking their time with it as they were anxious to avoid another Resident Evil 4 scenario.

“It is a small, but appropriately sized team working on the RE6 PC project,” he wrote. “It is a different group than originally planned, lest it would have taken even longer than it currently will but this team will do a better job than what was being considered originally.

“The process did not begin until after the console versions were complete, submitted, approved by console 1st parties to use that final codebase as the starting point. It will be some time still before we provide details on release dates and PC specific parameters.”

Pouring cold water on the idea that a proper PC port was easy, he said: “Projects like this you guys seem to think are “trivial” but they are not. When they get treated as trivial, you end up with Resident Evil 4 PC… which I don’t think too many true fans were pleased with.”

Source: Capcom (via Blue’s News)

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Who wants to take bets that they will ruin the PC version with GFWL?


This is why I love Capcom, they truly seem to care as much about their PC audience as they do for their console fans. I don’t think I’ve played any poorly ported Capcom games for quite some time. RE5 was an amazing port, as were the Lost Planet games and Dead Rising 2 etc. etc.

But scared is probably right, it wouldn’t surprise me if they use GFWL, not that I have had many problems with it over the years, but my patience with it is starting to wear thing. Hopefully they follow other PC developers and make the jump to Steam as their online platform.

Unworthy King


Is that the one where you couldn’t run and shoot, and the machete was about as useful as tits on a nun?



If the run and shoot mechanics is an issue for you, all RE games and not just number 5 is an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the mechanic too and held off getting RE5 until it was $5 at a Dick Smith sale. But it’s not a bad game (esp for those who like co-op).



Depends on which game we’re talking about. But regardless, you missed the crux of my post, I wasn’t saying the games were good (tbh I dislike Lost Planet, but love DR2 and RE5) I was saying their ports to PC were good, lots of graphical options, optimised really well, good keyboard/mouse controls etc.

When we’re stuck in a world of very average console ports to PC, its nice to have companies like Squenix and Capcom putting in the extra effort to make it worth the wait for the ports to arrive.



I take it you didn’t play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on PC.

That one had some terrible mouse problems where the sensitivity would constantly change. There were also quite a few areas in the game where performance would drop for no apparent reason. I had pretty good experiences with capcom ports until that game.

A tonne of other bugs in the game too. Bad key customisation, horrible cover system where you couldn’t shoot over the top of half the objects you got behind and the game was full of bad 3d mapping (or whatever you’d call it) where your bullets would hit objects that you were very clearly shooting past.

As long as the port is more like RE5 than ORC I’ll be happy though.


ORC wasn’t developed inhouse at capcom, although neither was DR2 so I’m not sure where I’m heading here…
But yeah, I’ve heard how bad it was and for that reason have not played it.


I think the RE5 port was good, well the game was good and the port factor didn’t seem to get in the way.

I got RE4 on the Wii, but I would like it on PC… I just remember hearing the port was bad, shame because it was a good game with the Wii version. But I just can’t get too much in to playing on the lounge.


Yeah RE4 was horrible on PC, there were some unofficial mods that helped it a bit, textures and lighting etc. I think there may have been one that added the GCN features that it was missing too.



I don’t think that’s a criticism of the quality of the port, but rather of the quality of the mechanic. (if you’re talking about RE5)


I actually quite enjoyed RE5 and playing coop was alot of fun too.

As for ports i sort of agree with a couple of people here that RE5 was a better port compared to the other rubbish ported games out there.




I for one hope so, it’s would be the reason I buy it as I wasn’t terribly interested in the demo but was a big fan of RE5 on PC so I can see that it might be a fun game.

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