Brave citizens rally to save City of Heroes

City of Heroes

By on September 7, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Last week’s news that City of Heroes would be shutting down in November was a sad blow to us all, but like all good comic books, there may be a twist yet. Fans have been rallying to save the game, including organising a huge petition and forming a community dedicated to saving as much of the game as possible.

An admin by the name of Alpha Wolf appeared in game to tell players that Paragon’s management team were currently in talks with NCSoft and with other investors, but Community Manager Zwillinger has warned players that these are simply talks and that nothing fruitful may come of them.

If you’re at all interested in City of Heroes continuing in one form or another, hit the links above and do your part.

Source: Massively (Thanks, Michael)

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Unworthy King

Just let it go people, far out.

The game itself was shite.


Your opinion of the game is exactly that. I myself enjoy the City of games quite a lot and hope they do find a way to continue services.

Unworthy King

It was shit. Just admit it and move on.


Opinion as fact! The first mistake in any good argument.

City of Heroes did a lot of things right and made some other key mistakes. If you can’t present a balanced viewpoint of things, try thinking harder.

Unworthy King

Tim, not that I don’t like your articles and stuff, but you’re getting in the way of my trolling. And I don’t appreciate that.


i quite enjoy it for the few months i play :D i hope it can go on, but sometimes its best to let it die dignified. and that they make a city of heroes 2 maybe :D that’s better ?


I played it for a month or so and really enjoyed it. It had some really good features that encouraged cooperation that I haven’t seen in too many mmos, and it meant that I was constantly being invited into groups/hanging out with a whole bunch of interesting people I never otherwise would have. It was probably one of the most social MMOs I’ve played in a long time, but in a good way. Shame to see it go, I put my name to that petition. Not that I’d go all suicidal if it died, but it would be nice to see it hang around for a while. At the very least maybe allow private server development now.


Personally, I didn’t like the game. That however, does not mean that I believe the publisher should shut the servers down after people have physically bought the game. I’m not even talking about the previous subscription fees….I’m talking about the fact that, aside from the subscription, people originally had to purchase the game; Having physically purchased the game, those people should have a right to play it for the rest of their lives.

If NCSoft aren’t willing to host it any longer, they should hand the ip over to someone else that is willing to keep it going. That’s fair.



they never want to let stuff like that go, big company’s seem to hold onto evrything. even have read that some games that dont get released after near completion just since the publisher doesn’t think its worth selling, but wont give up the rights to it.


I suspect IP is worth a lot of money, especially high profile stuff like the City of games. Not so much in their immediate dollar value, but if ncsoft decide they just want to create a game, slap the CoX label onto it and make mega cash off brand name alone they can. Just giving it away wouldn’t be on the cards, and the asking price would be rather steep.

With a creative community as the CoX players, though, I’m certain a solution will be reached somehow.


Tim, not that I don’t like your articles and stuff, but you’re getting in the way of my trolling. And I don’t appreciate that.

My sincerest apologies!

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