The Secret World Issue #2 delayed by Funcom’s restructuring


By on August 25, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Funcom has regretfully announced a delay to The Secret World: Issue #2, the second of promised monthly content updates for the fledgling MMORPG. Previously scheduled for August 28, the update, titled Digging Deeper, has been pushed back to September 11. Before you throw an earth-shaking tanty do recall that Funcom laid off a number of staff this week; the developer attributes the delay to “readjusting the team and our internal development processes”. Digging Deeper’s going to introduce a rocket launcher so, you know, it’s probably worth a little extra wait.

Source: The Secret World

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Probably a bit stupid to do the layoffs right before the content release. Should of waited until it was done.


To loosely quote my post on the other article regarding monthly updates.
“I wonder how long the monthly updates will last”

Looks like they lasted one month.


To loosely quote my post on the other article regarding monthly updates.
“I wonder how long the monthly updates will last”

Looks like they lasted one month.

It’s just a short delay, not exactly a big deal if the updates keep coming.


It always starts with a short delay. Then the next month will be shortly delayed, then again, and again, and before you know it they’re only putting out 8 or 9 updates a year instead of 12.


A company restructuring is a pretty significant event. There’s nothing to suggest that they’re going to be restructuring every month.


Next month the coffee machine will be on the fritz. The month after, they’ll be steam cleaning the carpet. There’s always something!

Lord DarkClaw

Im trying to fin d the names of all the issues of The Secret World, so fat issue 2 and 3 are the same cant find 5 nor can i find where they start or where the file for the rar from internode is….

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