The Great Razer Giveaway: Winners Announcement!

The Great Razer Giveaway

By on August 6, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Ten days ago, we offered five of our handsome audience members the chance to walk away with a brand-spanking new Razer Anansi keyboard and a Razer Naga 2012 MMO mouse each – and now, we’re here to make good on that offer. With 125 spankingly excellent entries, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five, but narrow it down we did. Here, then, they are:

The Razer Infinite (Entr0py)

Behold, the holy grail of gaming peripherals, introducing the Razer Infinite. Using breakthroughs in neuroscience and quantum mechanics the Razer Infinite wirelessly intercepts the electrical signals travelling between the sensory organs and nervous system throughout the body and the brain; thus allowing the seamless immersion of all five senses into virtual reality in a perfectly safe manner. Enter the matrix, play God. The future is now, the possibilities Razer Infinite.

Technical specifications:

Power Usage: 1.2 MW
Approximate Weight: 1600 kg / 3500lbs
RRP $90,000.00

Razer Warthog (deejayqf)

Wild gaming is here. Introducing the newest line of Razor mice with a back to nature and earthy colouring of rustic browns, greys and black combined with a matted texture for extra grip is as tough as a wild pig’s hide. The mouse buttons are an aged ivory in colour – ergonomically designed for precise gaming and solid as bone. Left and Right buttons are shaped like the tusks of our wild friends with Middle with scroll and Button 4 and 5 giving the mouse its muscle and completing the arsenal of primal weapons this beast has to offer. This mouse is robust, resilient, and will doggedly clock up hundreds of hours of serious gaming time.

Mice squeak and are for wimps…
Get some grunt and grab a pig…
Oink Oink…

Razer – for gamers. By gamers.

Razer Fang (Relaxed_Possum)

Ever felt that immersion into your favourite MMO had staled? Ever felt that you could climb so deep into a game that you could taste it? No? Well now you can now with ultra-realistic chewing and biting thanks to the revolutionary Razer Fang.

Razer is evolving to raise immersion to un-paralleled levels with simulation of 10,000 MMO food groups with the new Razer Fang. Engineered for a refreshing mouth feel while providing unparalleled chew and optimised tongue placement, interchangeable cheek grips, and powered by direct-integration of your synapse, with Razer Synapse 7.0.

Of course, the new Razer Fang still harnesses the power of the most important feature of its best-selling MMO line. A twelve button tongue grid capable of binding every cheer, taunt and gesture you may need to complete quests and seduce NPCs faster and more wittingly than ever before.

Razer KillerBee (Ninja Catfish)

Feel every bullet your character feels, with the Razer™ KillerBee. Using patented B-Z-Z™ technology, the Razer™ KillerBee can make you feel your character’s pain, no matter where it’s inflicted.

The Razer™ KillerBee uses a specially designed StingBlade capable of 8200 Stings Per Inch accuracy, and 1000Hz UltraStinging, to ensure even a rapid firing minigun is accurately felt by every inch of your flesh.

Endorsed by ProGamers worldwide, like Miles Chen, famous Counter-Strike: GO player. “It’s really improved my game since it forces me to play well otherwise I die from blood loss!”.

Razer™ KillerBee – Get Lacerated

Razer Morphias (Brad)

A mouse which can take the shape of your hand. Using a high-tech gel, the Morphias mouse can be moulded to suit your hand, in addition the user is able to set the standard mouse/scroll buttons how ever they feel. Supplied with an additional 20 programmable buttons that can be placed anywhere on the Morphias.

The Morphias is literally the most customisable mouse ever. Using a quick set spray, the mouse will set like stone in the position you create ensuring no mid game changes.

Need a change? Simply microwave the mouse for two minutes and the Morphias is ready to be reconfigured however you wish.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered! Winners should check their forum private messages shortly for instructions on how to claim their prize.

Thanks to Razer for providing the hardware for this giveaway!

13 comments (Leave your own)

Congrats to the winners.


Gratz all!


Gratz, was a fun competition too

Ninja Catfish

Holy wow, I won :D Thanks GON!


Awesome! Now to come up with 12 things I need to bound to my mouse…


Oo nice. An excellent incentive to learn to be ambidextrous (is left handed) . Cheers GON!

Ninja Catfish


Star Wars: TOR is going free to play soon! That’s where I’m going to put the 12 buttons to the test :D



My Thoughts exactly!


well done to the winners!

James Pinnell

Congrats to the winners!


Nice work all, congrats :D


Grats to the winners!


I won, !!! woot Oink Oink

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