Sleeping Dogs demo now available on Steam, benchmarking tool and all

Sleeping Dogs

By on August 23, 2012 at 11:50 am

As we mentioned in our review, Sleeping Dogs isn’t just a great game, but a great PC game as well – and if you want to really push it as far as possible, you’ll need a hefty machine.

Fortunately you can now check exactly just how far you can push the game, as well as, you know, try the game — with this handy-dandy demo which you can now find on Steam. And once you’re done, why not share your experiences in our Sleeping Dogs thread?

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Really glad to see this got a demo release, I’m hopeful more people will check it out :D


downloading demo now

will try it and the benchmark out when i get home :)


Sick! :D Also cool because this caused me to check the steam demo section and have found a bunch of other demos to give a try! :D


I have been looking at this game for months, hoping a demo would come out when it was released.
My hopes and dreams have been fulfilled!


And those demos so far seem to have counted towards my quota! D:


I can confirm that Sleeping Dogs is definitely on the Internode mirror, and I would have assumed that the demo was as well – but maybe not?


I’m using Frey’s atm and it looks to be coming from a mirror (for Sleeping Dogs) but i’ve just realized the other demos I got (Quantum Conundrum, Spec Ops etc) have counted as well as all my game updates for the past week including DOTA2, CSGO, SMNC etc. Super close to getting capped now with over a week till reset, not happy Jan. :@


I’ve had some trouble with Frey’s correctly finding the servers. I now use Steam Limiter instead, as recommended by Frey. Maybe try that?


No I mean I didn’t have it on before as I assumed it would go unmetered because it has in the past, I only turned Frey’s on for Sleeping Dogs. Still I now only have 3gigs for the next 8ish days hnng. >_<


Anyone else not able to find the benchmarking tool? I’ve done a steam d/l of the game and no benching tool in sight


Anyone else not able to find the benchmarking tool? I’ve done a steam d/l of the game and no benching tool in sight

Exactly what i came here to write! I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see it :(


Hey guys – it should be under Options > Video Options. Press Q to get advanced options. Press Q again from there to get benchmarking mode.


nope not there :(

pressing q in the advanced options area does nothing

oh well looks like an ok game still dunno if i want it tho


ah its a great game, have to recommend it. especially for a good price.


I like the game might be worth the purchase i think, its pretty hard with mouse and keyboard though.

With all GFX setting set to max my GFX card runs at a blistering 76C compared to any other game which is about 71-72C max, although i havent tested the fps yet.

With a Gigabyte GTX 580SOC Edition i didnt think it would get that hot especially with the cooler on it.


Downloading the demo right now. Don’t run Frey’s cause I don’t care about my quota I got enough haha.

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