Peter Moore: “There is no feud” between EA and Valve

Steam and Origin Logos

By on August 17, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Despite Origin positioning itself as a direct competitor to Steam, “there is no feud” between the two, claims EA boss Peter Moore. “It’s Valve. Gabe’s a great friend of EA’s. We’re a great friend of his, we like to think.”

Moore was, however, happy to explain EA’s continued beef with Steam’s T&C’s. “They have different terms and conditions that they put on their games that don’t meet what we would like to do with our gamers,” he said. “They insist on being a layer between the game developer and publisher and the consumer. They take a piece of the revenue stream. And they don’t allow us to go directly to the consumer to do patches and updates.”

“So we just agree to disagree. It’s not a feud. They have their terms and conditions. We do. They don’t meet.”

As we espoused recently on this site, EA needs to work harder with Origin to prove to consumers that it’s a viable alternative. Said Moore: “You’ll see updates all the time. It’s got to enhance your gaming experience in simple terms. That’s our job, to be able to do that.”

Source: Eurogamer

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Am I the only one who’s a bit disappointed that Valve didn’t use their retail distribution contract with EA as a way to get EA to cooperate with Steam? I’m sure there’d be a number of other companies willing to distribute Valve’s games at retail that cooperate with Steam.


Not really, more competition is good and EA’s catalog is already being regularly discounted ala Steam sales. I’m really hoping the competition drives better offerings from both services.


“sell your stuff on our platform or we’ll revoke your publishing rights to [some of] our titles” ?

that way lies darkness.


And I quote: “They take a piece of the revenue stream. And they don’t allow us to go directly to the consumer to do patches and updates.”

They forget that valve is a business and not a charity, to provide the bandwidth, infrustructure and such to allow the customers buy, download and patch the games has to cost something.

Converesly, after dealing with EA’s “Technical Support” I don’t want them ever get in contact with me unless it’s to give me something for free.


While I was reading this whole, it’s not a feud thing, the iconic music to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, was going through my head and a vision….

….it’s almost high noon and Gabe is shortly going to step out of the Steam Saloon with guns blazing at the EA El’ Gringo (who is wearing soiled pantaloons and holding cap guns, his bandoliers filled with cash)


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