Latest Copernicus video shows the world that never was


By on August 23, 2012 at 4:53 pm

When 38 Studios were shut down, many gamers looking for a new and interesting MMO experience were devastated at seeing parts of the game that we would never play. Never play for free. “There’s a lot more I’d like to tell you about the game, such as how our fully planned four-year story arc was driven by player participation,” Steve Danuser has said on his personal blog.

“How the theme of choice and consequence permeated our systems, content, and world design. How the choices players made during our chapter-based story arc would cause permanent and lasting changes to each server–changes that could be different from other servers.”

It sounds wonderful — but if you’re not convinced, check out his latest reveal, a fly-through of the game’s beautiful world. Embedding’s been disabled, so click here to watch it on YouTube instead. *cries*

Source: Massively

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Doesn’t appear that anyone’s convinced.


Sorry, that probably sounded snarky. Guess I don’t have much sympathy here. The studio was extremely mismanaged, and is now under investigation by the FBI. With those type of problems, I don’t think they’d be able to deliver on their lofty goals. beautiful… should have sent a poet


I should say also that I do hope the designers involved move on to better things. The people to blame would largely be the founder/key management.

What I think gets me here is that while the designers are blameless for the financial corruption problems and only suffered, it’s them that are trying to carry it forward with a ‘you should have kept funding this game’ thing, like they’re trying to make people feel bad. They should just get out of the way and let the investigations look into the people responsible, imo.

If there was corruption involved, then the game deserved to have the plug pulled much, much earlier, before millions of other people’s money got wasted (and considering that the project was largely funded by the public purse).


Yeah, very much getting the marketing bullshit vibe but because its vapour-ware now they can bullshit all they want and no one can really say otherwise. It’s a dead game, if you have to spout over the Internet about how good your game is going to be and not to people with money willing to fund it, the game is dead.

James Pinnell

To be honest, we’ve heard all of this stuff before. Even Guild Wars 2, for all of its merits, still suffers from a drop in scale from the original set of lofty ambitions the developers set themselves.

So as a result, I’m loathe to believe that this developer had the world’s most beautiful and innovative MMO under their sleeves – you can say anything you want when the title isn’t going to be released under any circumstances.


Yeah pretty much. You can make any boast you like if all anybody is going to see is a few videos. <_< I honestly don't think this big media release is helping anybody…


All that time and money for one location? Great looking and very detailed location. But that’s all??

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