Guild Wars 2 suspends digital sales to prevent server overload

Guild Wars 2

By on August 31, 2012 at 10:02 am

In a somewhat unprecedented move, ArenaNet have announced on their Facebook page that they will be temporarily suspending all first-party digital sales through their website — effective immediately.

“Ensuring the best possible play experience for our fans is our highest priority,” reads the post. “We’ve said before that we would be willing to temporarily disable first-party digital sales if we felt our high player concurrency may compromise player experiences. We have now reached that point.”

“Effective immediately we have disabled sales via To be clear, box and digital sales are still available via our retail partners. We are tracking our concurrency closely while expanding our infrastructure. We’ll re-enable first-party digital sales as soon as we feel that we can do so safely.”

Source: Facebook (Thanks, James)

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I can understand this move. Given that there’s been 1 million+ preorders, those people will want to have an experience that’s not littered with downtime or server overload. *cough*Diablo 3*cough*


I respect this move! They could take the path of ‘we’ll take your money now and fix the issues later’ but instead they’re thinking about their current userbase which, as a player, is nice to see!
Obviously they probably didn’t expect it to be so popular or that they underestimated the capability of their infrastructure. Either way they had a choice to screw over their players or put their player first, over taking more money, so good on them I say!


This is very respectful and shows they want to have the servers available for the amount of players using the game, lots of people wouldn’t care and just want more money!


Well sucks for them, I was considering buying this. Guess they don’t want me anyway.


I’m genuinely surprised, how many companies would stop selling something if they had to lower the quality to keep up with demand?

Even more respect for ArenaNet now, especially as i already bought it.



the game is awesome spawneh don’t put yourself off buying it because you don’t this respect this move.

Also who here is also playing on sea of sorrows, always looking for some friendly peeps for my friends list.


Since the game is now past the official release date I can understand it. It will only be for a short time. What bugs me is when companies don’t have enough servers to manage even their pre-orders but they seem to have done that.


interesting move. I guess the game is too good for its own good.


How many players was Areanet expecting? 1 million preorders honestly sounds low to me. Didn’t they claim to have 6 million active GW1 players?

Village idiot


Was thinking the same thing neferseki. I’m on sea of sorrows – vilageidiot


Well this news just confirms what I said in my GW2 article that ANet needs to be mindful of overpopulation issues. Looks like they’re putting their own money behind those concerns, which is appreciated.


I was going to buy it online but since the game does not support local Australian low ping server. I cant find it worth while bouncing between crowded overseas hosted servers.

Village idiot


Yeah, you could always just play on dead local servers like in SWTOR.


People always request local servers, and always the local servers end up dying.

I’m sure there’s something more than simple profits guiding the choices… not worth it if the audience isn’t there.


People always request local servers, and always the GAME ends up dying.

I fixed it for you.

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