Guild Wars 2 launch plagued by connectivity issues, fixes incoming


By on August 26, 2012 at 11:16 am

The Headstart period for Guild Wars 2 kicked off this weekend ahead of its general release, and is to be expected with any MMO, the influx of huge numbers of players brought a swathe of issues. European gamers in particular suffered serious problems connecting to servers, resulting in “error 42″ messages, but ArenaNet believes the issue is now resolved.

For more persistant errors, ArenaNet has some useful advice. Error 21 can be circumnavigated by switching off the option to remember your account details before restarting your client, and error 1038 may mean you’re using the wrong Guild Wars 1 account. Error 1032 takes a bit of patience, as transfer demand is causing delays, while error 122 means whoeveer sold you your game pulled a swiftie and you should apply for a refund. Other issues, such as Trading Post, guild services and in-game mail, are proving more difficult to resolve.

If you’re having trouble connecting, the most up to date progress reports on the various errors and issues will be found on the MMORPG’s Twitter feed, but the Guild Wars 2 Knowledge Base is being regularly updated and contains a list of known errors, proposed solutions and ETAs where available. Check it out before you throw a wobbly.

Source: VG247

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what? no problems had by me i was just saying to my gf how smooth its been for a launch weekend.


No problems here either, jumped in at 3pm and reserved some character names,
Went to work for 7 hours then came back and played smoothly all the way to 4am.
All in all a happy camper.


Seen SO many issues being addressed on twitter from friends trying to play. So yeah, glad your game is cool, but there’s a much larger range of people having issues.

Bit of a shame really. You would think this sort of thing would be ironed out in a beta period ..


I’m experiencing a lot of lag and consistent tradepost issues. Also didn’t manage to get my server choice, or my backup server choice.



Well, had they actually “opened” the beta to all players of the original game without the need to pre-order, they may have been able to find and iron out more bugs.

The fact of the matter is, they’ve made such radical changes to the game, there’s no way I would pre-purchase without being able to try it first, and I put in over 8k hours in the first game.

If you think the changes to Diablo 3 were a “mistake” and ruined the game, this is comparable. Sure, GW2 looks good, but the gameplay is so different, it’s not GW anymore. It’s a completely different type of game with the GW name stamped on it.

The majority of people here will completely disagree with what I’ve said, but it’s true. You may “like” the new GW, but it’s not GW.


I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I’m finding the game, in all honesty, kinda boring.

But that may be caused by the beta too, since I’m having to now repeat content I’ve already played about three times already. Going to switch to the Sylvari area to see if it improves.


I really want to try this game, but I don’t want to spend the money in case its just like every other MMO.

Hopefully they make trial accounts available soon.


I’ll be trying this out when the price drops a bit. Not surprised there’s issues with launch. I don’t remember any big MMO release not having at least some issues in the first few weeks.


really haven’t had any disconnects since the initial 2 hrs when it opened yesterday… easily the smoothest mmo launch yet


Plagued really isn’t the right word. It had massive lag for about an hour and a half, then was down for 3 hours.

That isn’t plagued at all. Four and a half hours of problem in an mmo launch? That is AMAZING.

Funny Unicorn

Other than the problems with lag due to launch, how is the general lag in gameplay for Australians?


It isn’t unnoticeable, but it isn’t that bad.


Sounds like the similar hassles everyone had with Diablo 3 .

Im still amazed they didnt provide a AU hosted server at launch


Not many MMO’s have any servers hosted in AU. Even WoW doesn’t have any AU hosted servers. Although Sea of Sorrows is the un-official Oceanic server. So if you wanna have a good chance of finding an aussie populated server ea of sorrows is your best bet. Also Darn that Error 21 *raises fist at sky*


Plagued really isn’t the right word. It had massive lag for about an hour and a half, then was down for 3 hours.

That isn’t plagued at all. Four and a half hours of problem in an mmo launch? That is AMAZING.

Trading post is still down… so more than 24 hours of problems now.


I havent noticed any lag or disconnections at all. Havent tried to use the marketplace. Didnt play much today though, so i may have missed the brunt of the problems.

Loving it so far :)


Usually these things can be ironed out during Beta but often an initial launch can overwhelm servers especially because people want to take advantage of the fact they pre-ordered to get early access.


There was about ~4 hours downtime last night from around 9pm onwards, has been perfect for me since then though.


I was told by a friend that the Unofficial oceanic server is sea of sorrows, anyone else heard of this?


Besides yesterday for a few hours at launch its run perfectly for me and my brothers, but the best thing is, NO QUE!! how many other launches have you sat there for hours watching numbers tick down b4 you can even get into the game lasting days. Loving it so far. Had access to the betas but didn’t play in case i spioled it.

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