Friday Tech Roundup (17 August 2012)

GeForce GTX 660 Ti

By on August 17, 2012 at 3:11 pm

NVIDIA launches GTX660Ti, gamers eagerly scramble

NVIDIA’s new card has dropped this week, the GeForce GTX660Ti. Reviews have been flooding the intertubes, including this one from Anandtech which describes it as “a more approachable point on the price-performance curve, offering about 88% of the GTX 670’s performance for 75% of the price”. Guru3D is offering a Gigabyte GTX660Ti Windforce review, calling it “downright perfect for those gaming at 1920×1080/1200″ but “a good chunk slower then the GTX 670″ unless overclocked. The aforementioned Guru3D piece also has some two- and three-way SLI tests, for those of you thinking about dropping dosh on multiple cards.

Prices at the moment for Australians are in the range of $350 – $400, but are expected to settle a little bit in the next week or so. Meanwhile, purchasing your GTX660 from overseas will get you a free Steam copy of Borderlands 2, apparently – as long as you purchase from participating “e-tailers”. That is a terrible pun NVIDIA, be ashamed.

AMD responds: price cut for 7950, relaunches with BOOST

Not a free chocolate bar, but an improved clockspeed for the re-released AMD Radeon 7950. The 7950 is set to receive the same performance enhancements that the 7970 received back in June, increasing the base clock speed (anywhere from 6% – 16%) as well as introducing GPU turbo boost functionality. The power consumption has increased as a result, but it could be the boost your card needs to last another few months. The BIOS with these BOOST features can already be found online but may void your warranty, so head to your card manufacturer’s website and see what they have to say. More info at AnandTech.

Razer releases ‘Deathstalker Ultimate’ keyboard and ‘Kraken’ headsets

‘DeathStalker Ultimate’? Calm down Razer, it’s okay! The new keyboard includes their ‘Switchblade’ interface which can be found on the SW:TOR keyboard, which we took at look at in our Epic Razer Rundown last month, with a “customizable control panel with 10 dynamic, adaptive tactile keys” for binding “commands, macros, skills and spells for an unparalleled in-game competitive advantage,” naturally. Meanwhile the new ‘Kraken’ headset is a bright green colour and “was field-tested by countless professional gamers and athletes to determine optimal weight for extended gaming sessions and snugness”. Get snuggly with a Kraken, today.

Intel confirms TRIM support for SSD’s on RAID-0 for 7-series motherboards

Previous SSD RAID setups on Intel were known to degrade over time because TRIM, or “garbage collection”, just wasn’t working. Intel have now confirmed that TRIM support is coming to RAID-0 setups with SSD’s in the near future, which should mean sustained ~1GB/s read performance on RAID-0 SSD’s. Great stuff from Intel, but you’ll need a 7-series motherboard (6-series chipsets are not supported), Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology (RST) for RAID driver version 11.0 or greater (11.2 is current), and Windows 7 (support is coming soon for Windows 8). Thanks to AnandTech!

Hypersonic $140m missile crashes unceremoniously into Pacific Ocean

The US Air Force’s much-touted X-51A “WaveRider” hypersonic missile, designed to be able to strike targets within minutes on the other side of the globe, has crashed into the Pacific Ocean during testing this week. This was the third test for the project, which has so far cost taxpayers an estimated $140 million USD, and delivered a series of very water-loving and crash-prone missiles instead of what one presumes are supposed to be dead commies. Ah well, it’s not rocket science – wait, no, it is rocket science. Yes. My bad. (Via DailyTech)

Bill Gates puts post-Microsoft years to good use by designing better toilets

Despite the headline, this is actually a pretty noble goal: the humble toilet is generally very inefficient when it comes to water, and this bothers Bill Gates because, well, he’s got a lot of money and time now that his creation is busy conquering the world of personal computing. This week in Seattle, Gates awarded prizes to three teams as part of a challenge to ‘reinvent the toilet’, in an attempt to conserve water that could actually be used for drinking or other actually useful things that aren’t getting rid of poop. Something to giggle about for your Friday then, or perhaps get really melancholy about the next time you take a bathroom break. (Via DailyTech)

Huge thanks to our tireless tech moderater steve_rogers42 for putting through some links this week.

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Someone buy me a 660 Ti please. Late birthday present maybe?


Also, I’d love that green headset. It also comes in black if you’re wondering.


Love the initial pricing of the GTX 660Ti. Some overclocked versions of the 660Ti are more expensive than the cheap versions of the GTX 670.


Yea its a rough market on the 660Ti sea’s atm.

Also , lol at gate’s toilets, rad idea but still lol


the 660Ti is faster than my 460′s SLI…but not worth buying one at the current price. Better off grabbing a 670.


I’m still rocking my 470s SLI.
I’ll wait for the 700 series before I bother upgrading.


I’m pondering shipping forwarding from Amazon or Newegg.
The Gigabyte OC does not ship to Australia…
$319 each though.


Very timely article. I was just about to go out and buy a 560Ti this morning. I rather think I’ll wait now. Thanks!

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