Friday Tech Roundup (10 Aug 2012)

Gigabyte 670 OC

By on August 10, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Gigabyte releases Corrective BIOS Update for GTX 670 OC Windforce 3X

Which, coincidentally, happens to the card humming away in the computer I’m using to write this. I haven’t experienced any problems personally, but anybody who has been having trouble with theirs – stability issues mostly, according to Gigabyte – should grab this update BIOS and see if it helps. It won’t change your clock speed, but be sure to grab the right one as there’s two versions available. Users on TechPowerUp recommend using the VGA@BIOS tool to learn which version you need. Download the updated BIOS from this page.

Light up your computer with LED strip lighting, because, well, why not

Forget to buy LED fans when you put your computer together? Can’t be bothered going out and buying them? You’re in luck: Antec have just released a USB-powered LED strip lighting product that adheres to various surfaces and, well, lights up. Your choice of red and blue lights that “”increase picture quality and image contrast” and “allow longer and more enjoyable gaming by reducing eye fatigue” await you, as well as what Antec describe as a “convenient on/off switch”. Technology.

Windows 8 dumps ‘Metro’ name, RTM to arrive August 15

Enterprise customers, industry partners, and – well, a whole lot of people in fact – will get access to the RTM version of Windows 8 come August 15. While general launch is still on track for October 26, today’s new tidbit comes courtesy of The Verge, who reveal that The Metro Group, a German retail giant, have forced Microsoft to drop the ‘Metro’ codename for the UI. It’s not known what Microsoft will replace it with, but I’m sure there’s more than a few internet users who’d like them to replace the interface altogether. Amirite, guys? Amirite?

Pictures of MSI GTX 660 in 3-way SLI surface

MSI’s upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Ti HAWK 3 GB graphics card has been spotted on the internet configured in a 3-way SLI setup. The card looks similar to their 670, but MSI have doubled the memory amount to 3GB and clocked the card at 1020 MHz GPU core, 1098 MHz GPU Boost, and 6.00 GHz (GDDR5-effective) memory. The three card setup is also apparently being driven by a yet-unannounced GeForce 304.87 beta driver, and cooled by MSI’s Twin Frozr solution. More details and some benchmarks over at Videocardz.

Apple continues to carefully scrub all traces of Google from iOS

The ongoing cold war between Apple and Google continues, with Apple’s new strategy in iOS 6 being to just get rid of all traces of Google from their products. Google Maps is going, to be replaced with Apple Maps (??), and the YouTube app is going completely. Google has already removed the word ‘Google’ from the search field in Safari, so this is essentially just the next step in a kind-of-stupid but also kind-of-funny tit-for-tat battle. Naturally, Google will be providing a Google Maps and YouTube app over the App Store for iOS customers who actually want the things they’ve been using since the OS launched. Apple is blaming the YouTube app’s removal on an expired license, but considering they could have just, you know, renewed the license, it’s pretty clear where things stand. Via DailyTech.

Samsung produced 132-page report on superiority of iPhone, ordered staff to duplicate functions

The case of Samsung v. Apple rolls on in the courtrooms of America, with Samsung suffering a blow this week after they were forced to submit a document as evidence that shows the company going over the iPhone with a fine-toothed comb and noting down exactly where it is a superior product and directing its staff to copy features. The document, which can be read in its entirety at Scribd, examines nearly every aspect of Apple’s UI design and has made it hard for Samsung to rebut accusations from Apple that they “slavishly copied” them. Earlier this week however Samsung were able to tender very early-stage designs for a phone that predate Apple’s own iPhone design, winning back some ground in the actual physical-design stakes. Clearly, however, the company thought that Apple’s UI was one to replicate. More details at All Things D.

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It’s rumoured further that MSFT is just gonna use “Windows 8″ in place of “Metro”. It doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what I’ve been reading on a few different sites now.


i wish apple would just go away already, and i wish Microsoft to stop this stupidity with tablets and making OS’s for them, fuck just make an updated version of windows 7 and we’ll all be happy, i think with news of steam doing software now they should make an OS for games! that would rule


Google should block all their services for idevices in return :P


i dont even think we need a new OS for desktops. theres nothing wrong with windows 7 as it now! they arent releasing a new directx api, and windows 7 performs admiredly all all tasks already


wyver: i think with news of steam doing software now they should make an OS for games! that would rule

I would not be surprised to see a specific version of Ubuntu (or something else, easily) that is focused on gaming and Steam.


I am surprising happy with Windows 7 I won’t be updating at this time.



man that is a company I love to hate


man that is a company I love to hate

true! i’m finding myself feeling this more and more these days :P


jellygoose: true! i’m finding myself feeling this more and more these days :P

They make solid, reliable products across the board, which is more than I can say for most electronics companies. I’m not saying they’re the greatest company in the world or that they completely revolutionised the electronics industry, but they certainly made a pretty big impact. Sure, they make some dick moves, quite a lot of them actually, I’ll happily agree with that, but you can’t fault them on their products. I own quite a few of them and I’ve never been unimpressed by them. When big companies like Samsung are doing reports on your products and attempting to replicate them, you’re probably doing something right.



their hardware is generally pretty good compared to many products out there but hardly what I’d call perfection, they’ve had their fair share of screw-ups too.

everything else I cannot stand, if I had to associate apple with a single word, it would probably be smug.


My office light keeps blowing out so I wouldn’t mind some LCDs to light the place up. This is getting annoying.



their hardware is generally pretty good compared to many products out there but hardly what I’d call perfection, they’ve had their fair share of screw-ups too.

everything else I cannot stand, if I had to associate apple with a single word, it would probably be smug.

the iphone and ipad has made up for any screwups they have done im afraid



I definitely never said they were perfect. No company or product is perfect. They’ve had issues, but generally their products are quite reliable and this is what has sold them for me. I was quite against them until two years ago when I bought a HTC Desire instead of an iPhone 4. I’ve had nothing but problems with it whilst others that I know that purchased iPhones had no issues whatsoever. I started looking into Apple products more and converted. Now I just personally prefer their products to other companies. I would like to see their products a bit cheaper, because everyone knows their stuff is overpriced. That being said I’m happy buying their products, as long as they keep up their high standard and continue to develop both great hardware and software.


That 3 way SLI… How can those cards function being that close together?

Surely they would overheat or develop some fan problems down the track.

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