Err, You Got Some Shooter in my Horror: Hands-on with Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

By on August 14, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Ah yes, Dead Space. You are the saviour of survival horror for this generation. Resident Evil would rather shoot first and ask questions later; Silent Hill is merely questionable. If not for Dead Space, then what? There are scary games, sure. Amnesia is unnerving, and more recently Slender coaxed shivering driblets of wee from an unsuspecting gaming public.

These are arguably not survival horror games, though. It’s a very particular kind of sepulchre cloth, and the mostly third-person shapes cut from it include Alone in the Dark, ObsCure, Clock Tower, Fatal Frame, and the wonderfully out of reach Rule of Rose – none of which we’ve heard from lately, and none of which we’re likely to.

Which is why Visceral’s seeming plan to turn Dead Space 3 into a tour de force of co-op shootin’ is a little bit of a disappointing one. Sure, we can only really go on what we’ve seen so far – two guys with guns shooting up necromorphs and now also shootin’ other guys with guns, hello – but Visceral’s reluctance to back up their insistence that this will not just be another shooter isn’t a confidence-builder. To wit, the day’s preview is an intentionally non-committal one.

Taking place during the game’s first act during an optional side mission entitled “The Lost Flotilla,” Isaac boards a derelict ship called the Greely and goes a-wanderin’. It’s a scenario completely divorced from any of the arctic planet-side action, completely divorced from any kind of co-op with new guy John Carver, and you don’t even have to marry it in the first place. This demo is purpose-built to avoid everything you really want to know about this game, hopefully in the lead-up to a more tangible reveal at Gamescom – but possibly because Dead Space 3 really is actually going to be a lot shootier this time around.

That’s the impression we get the first time we shoot up a crate and grab the resultant bobbing ammo icon, anyway. It’s also the first impression we get when a drooling acid bath of a necromorph comes sizzling into view in a blaze of obviousness and a massive firefight begins. Isaac remains clunky, and said firefights are a case of shooting, mostly missing, and then running around in big lethargic circles trying to get back into a good position. There’s no sticky cover, but rather a strange sort of automatic cover wherein waltzing up to a pillar, for instance, will incite Isaac to sort of hunker behind it and lean around when you want to aim. If Visceral are indeed headed for Shootersville, this er, might not pan out too good.

But hints that that Shootersville is in fact where they’re going abound, especially as we spy a gun-altering workbench on our way to opening up a door with our mad psychic powers when, really, we could just our hands. Soon our time’s up and we’re not allowed to go much further lest we actually see something interesting, and it’s a horrible but not horrifying sentiment that remains: That was the most chilled out we’ve ever felt while playing a Dead Space game.

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Recently played through ds2 on my new 3d’ified rig, and it is by far the best game in 3d from the 50-60 i have tried, i can only hope ds3 is as good…


“That was the most chilled out we’ve ever felt while playing a Dead Space game.”

The words no dead space fan wants to hear…. Ever…..


sounds shooty and cardboard cutout generic. oh wells.
i really should finish ds2


i have dead space one, which is shit to play due to its controls…do i need to finish that to understand dead space 2 or can i just jump straight into the sequel? (which i hear is a lot better than the first in every way lol)


DS2 has a “previously in Dead Space” cinematic you can watch. The controls are basically the same though. If you’re playing it on PC use a control pad.


I think the controls are quite user friendly on PS3 compared to something like Res Evil. Controls in dead space 2 are pretty much identical to #1. I actually preferred to RPG and free roaming (between stations) elements in the first game. Thought the second game was too linear and didn’t have as good re-playability. The way the franchise is going I don’t have high expectations for the third. I’ll still play it though.



If you’re playing on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, then yes, Dead Space 1 probably was shit to control. That was the game that made me get a wired xbox 360 controller, and I’ve used it in heaps of games since (GTA4, Just Cause 2, even Skyrim).

Dead Space 2 has more action and set pieces than DS1, but 1 is still a great game with a lot of good scares. 2 isn’t “better in every way” imho.

The story in these games isn’t worth worrying about too much. Not exactly throwaway as there are definitely some cool story based moments, but it’s not critical to the games enjoyment.


I’m not seeing what is shit about the controls , what’s wrong with em?
At any rate, yeh , it’s the same control system pretty much in ds2 as ds 1.

The only bonus you will get from playing 1 then 2 would be a bit of a spoiler, let’s just say the game is easily as big as the 1st one + another 5 times the size on top of that.

But really, slog through the first one, the last 1/4 of it is intense and well done with a few ummm, big surprises let’s say ;D

Also, play ds2 on a 3d screen in a dark room…seriously , as posted above, best 3d in the current generation of games i have come across, (disclaimer: using amd crossfireX and latest version of tridef 3d on a samsung s27a750)



Yeah the 3d is pretty good and the limitations of most 3d systems (darker, less saturation) don’t at all take away from this type of game. If you’re using Nvidia 3d Vision you’ll want the Helix mod to iron out some of the kinks.

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