Crytek releases CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer for Crysis 3

Crysis 3

By on August 10, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Man, there’s a lot of Crying in that title. In any case, Crytek’s latest trailer for their upcoming CryEngine 3 is looking great, and there’s no doubt at least that Crysis 3 is going to be one gorgeous game.

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If you’d like to download the trailer, you can do so from our file library. A YouTube version is also available.

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The Toad. It is a Game Changer.


I love the close up on the plant. This game looks amazing. Time to upgrade.


If you watch the video from the main page, it’s a video for Sleeping Dogs.


Dam would be awesome to play Half Life 2 or 3 with this type of graphics!


The close up on the vegetation was indeed very nice. I wonder if they’re using the same (or upgraded) water from Crysis 1, loved those waves that moved objects. :D


The Toad. It is a Game Changer.

That’s alll i got from the trailer lol


If you watch the video from the main page, it’s a video for Sleeping Dogs.

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed now :)


All Hail The Tesselated Toad!!


Please Crytek use this engine and build a full blown hunting simulator with it. Crysis got shit after the first one.. New series on the engine now please, or are you guys already out of ideas?


Now just think of DayZ done with this. Hell, anything made in the cry engine. I wish it was one of the more popular engines, now that its gone open to public.
Seeing some Unreal Engine veterans give it a shot could come up with some really amazing games. With tessellated toads.


Please Crytek use this engine and build a full blown hunting simulator with it.

Cane toad hunting simulator?


All Hail The Tesselated Toad!!

With tech like that any game made with this will be classified toad-erific! :D


Also, thank god they didn’t get rid of the lens flare. What would devs do without it?!


It is pretty attractive.


Personally I think Yerli is a new age Carmack. What he does with his engines are amazing. I think the release of this trailer reflects the comments of a few days ago, seems they were butthurt with the fuss over UE4.

I think UE4 was great tech, as is this.. only thing Unreal has over it is pricing, accessibility, and it’s bug fail safe. If I was Crytek, i would be working on making production easier then UE4 with it’s kit, and for starters make it cheaper to license.

Long live the toad.


as with a lot of posts, the toad graphic detail is a selling point for me haha


At least the Cryengine 3 is getting more game releases than just Crysis 2. I felt that Cryengine 1 and 2 were good enough to warrant at least a few games based on that engine because they are pretty big leaps in PC gaming. Cryengine 2 in particular pushed quite a few boundaries as evidenced by the fact it is still used as a benchmark game.


i remember seeing cryengine 2 afew years ago on e3 videos and even that was stunning. This may sound stupid but the way cryengine does trees, plants and foliage is stunning, i don’t think the other engines come close.


This will be a Crysis2 Expansion, they just called it Crysis3. Crysis2 didn’t work, went from a jungle to a scripted city, created guns that took 25% of the screen, consolized the hell out of the game and ripped out it’s soul. Yerli the new carmack? Rage didn’t do very well and I suspect most people prefer Rage over Crysis2.

If you want want a proper version of Crysis then go with Farcry3.

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