Creative Director of Assassin’s Creed III defends annual release schedule for the franchise

Alex Hutchinson

By on August 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Having a chat with CVG at Gamescom, Assassin’s Creed III director Alex Hutchinson has defended Ubisoft’s decision to release the franchise annually. “The way we see Assassin’s Creed 3 now is as a franchise, like Mario or Resident Evil, that will have its ups and downs. It wasn’t the original plan to be an ongoing series, no, but it became the plan,” he has said, adding, “Since when is something less amazing if you get a new one every year? If Breaking Bad was shown twice a week I’d watch it twice a week. If Radiohead put out an album every six months I’d gladly buy one every six months.”

“But if you can keep a series interesting and fresh,” he concluded, “then I don’t see why it shouldn’t go on.”

Source: CVG

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I have played and enjoyed all of the (non mobile) Assassin’s Creed titles released to date, but even I would struggle to call Revelations “interesting and fresh.” Enjoyable, sure, but it didn’t exactly do anything to move the series forward, aside from *some* interesting exposition that felt sparsely suspended in filler and repetition.

That said, I am super excited for AC3 and wonder whether the series would have benefited from one fewer game between it and AC2?


There can only be so much innovation, it’ll happen over time just at a slower pace. Hardware usually drives innovation. Probably why Marios have been kept more interesting over time just because the controller mixes it up.

We are in a new easy content world. Where we have access to easy digital content and people are just chewing it up. The only way to keep up is to release yearly or get left behind.


The last AC I bought was AC2. Might buy AC3. Not really interested in the others. (unless they come out really dirt cheap)


sigh, maybe not to the creator of ASSCREED but to me, music and tv shows are by far a different thing from games. I have attempted to play all the ass creed games since 1&2 (which I really enjoyed) but they just felt like they were dragging out a story that should have ended, and the gameplay elements were no great addition to the solid gameplay they had. I feel like it would have been good to start looking at the future aspect of it, and thought they would have gone that way in asscreed 3 to tell us more about Desmond. But alas an assassin in the renaissance period looks far to similar to an assassin in the times of tomahawks and guns. I dont think asscreed 3 will peak my interest at all unless they, make the combat system more fun with less emphasis on ‘counter everything’, making some new changes to the ai handling of fights, and probably making the new character for a new time period, not remind me of the same person I looked at for 5 games…

rant over, im sure people will love it, but this guys statements seem silly to me.


This guys said some stupid things.
If breaking bad was on twice a week, it isn’t cause they created twice as much content, if they did, it will just be full of lesser side tracked stories. It would simply be playing twice a week and completing earlier.

If Radiohead released an album every six months, you would likely get bored and their creative talents would be strained, probably hear alot fo boring songs and the gems would be fewer and further between.

If they had any vision, they lost it ages ago.


eh. love all the games, although brotherhood and revelations got old REAL quick.
And not interested in AC3 one bit.
Can’t really say why.
It may be that i’m tired of the series pumping itself out with nothing interesting about it anymore, or it may just be my aversion to things with the american flag all over it.


Jason Imms,

I personally thought that Revelations was the pinnacle of the series so far. The ending scenes in particular made the entire game worth playing through (the whole series has had amazing ending sequences) and the Desmond sections fleshed out his character in an inventive and enjoyable way.

And I agree with this;

“Since when is something less amazing if you get a new one every year? If Breaking Bad was shown twice a week I’d watch it twice a week. If Radiohead put out an album every six months I’d gladly buy one every six months.”

But it entirely hinges on both those things being quality, something that the AC series has delivered to this point.

Roll on AC3!


‘“But if you can keep a series interesting and fresh,” he concluded, “then I don’t see why it shouldn’t go on.”’

Very true. I love the AC concept, but… Even I have to admit it’s not feeling so ‘fresh’ any more. I want to see them progressing the real-world story line, instead of just the tiny, confusing teasers they’ve been offering.

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