Australian server coming for Planetside 2, Australians rejoice in street

Planetside 2

By on August 10, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Seems like listening in to John Smedley’s Twitter account is the primo way to get any information about Planetside 2 these days. First he revealed that it would be on Steam, and now overnight he’s revealed that we will be getting an Australian server.

In response to a Twitter user telling John they were setting up a survey to determine demand for one, he just replied “Honestly we are just going to bite the bullet and put a server down there.”

An Australian server will go a long way towards making the game a success for Australians, especially since it’s free to play. Very exciting news.

Source: Twitter (thanks Marcus)

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Reading this made my day.


More companies need to do this from day 1. Would mean more revenue as Aussies would be able to enjoy the games properly without having to deal with too much lag.


HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!! :D

James Pinnell

This is frankly brilliant news.


Planetside 2 just keeps getting better and better.


Free to play, on Steam (likely quota free to download) and a local server. Running very short on excuses for not checking this one out.


Is this game able to be played from third person perspective? Or only first? If thats a yes it can, i think the only question i have left is whether or not it will run properly on crossfire at a high rez.


I didn’t realise we were doing our rejoicing outside now, wait for me!!


Oh hell yes!

Friday afternoon just got a whole lot better.


FANTASTIC NEWS! So much excitement. :)


Welp looks like ill see you all there.


Awesome. Looking forward to this!



Unworthy King

Alright, I will give this a shot!


Is this game able to be played from third person perspective? Or only first? If thats a yes it can, i think the only question i have left is whether or not it will run properly on crossfire at a high rez.

planetside 1 had the option of playing in either mode.


:O yatta ! i been looking forward to play this, i need to find someone to hug.


That is beyond awesome.


omg yes yes yes.. Best gaming news have have ever had the pleasure to read.


ok im in with this one it looks mad and no with an ozzie server fuck eyah bring on the games!!!


I am EXTREMELY excited about this!

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