A Guild Wars 2 Primer: Five things to know before you jump in

Guild Wars 2

By on August 30, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Five years after its initial announcement, Guild Wars 2 is officially live. You are no doubt chomping at the bit to start killing gigantic fire elementals, but before you step into Tyria and leave all your Earthen friends behind indefinitely, there are a few basics you should be aware of.

Explore Everywhere

Guild Wars 2 is quite gorgeous looking, and ArenaNet wants to make sure you know this. That’s why they’ve hidden little secrets all over the world. Sometimes it’s a chest at the end of a jump-puzzle with some decent loot, and sometimes it’s a vista – a special marker that shows a short cinematic of the local area. There are also plenty of semi-secret events off the beaten track that dole out plenty of experience. Don’t just follow your story markers; explore all you can and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Experiment With Crafting

Most MMO crafting systems are pretty straightforward – you learn a recipe, which tells you exactly what you need to craft and item, and once you’ve got all the necessary materials, you slap it together. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t work that way. To make the most of crafting here, you’ve got to blindly try to combine some items at your crafting workstation. Guild Wars 2 will give you some hints and help you narrow down your materials into a craftable item, but its still up to you to try interesting item combinations.

Use All Your Weapons

Unlike other online games, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t require that you hit certain levels to learn your core abilities. Instead, they’re all tied to the weapons your profession can use. Even if the sword you’re currently using is a little stronger than the bow you just picked up, try switching to the bow. You can learn new abilities by killing a few enemies with it, and it’s a good idea to get some sense of what weapon is able to bring to the killing fields. Try experimenting with different combinations of one-handers too, as they can completely shift a profession’s playstyle.

Do Everything

There is a lot to do in Tyria, and it’s all worth doing. Guild Wars 2 keeps track of how much you have done in each area of the world, and gives very good rewards to players who complete entire areas. Be sure to visit all the points of interest and vistas, and absolutely chase down every skill-point marker, as they are core to your character’s advancement. And try to do all the major events in a zone, because that tends to be the most effective way to level up. If you manage to max out a zone, look forward to some sweet loot and a load of cash and experience.

Fight For Your World

You don’t have to be high-level to compete in PvP. In fact, you can do it from the get-go. If melting faces is your pastime of choice then check out the World vs World (vs World) feature in Guild Wars 2. It pits three servers against each other in massive, open-world, objective-driven combat. Help your world hold key points on the map and everyone will enjoy powerful benefits to all aspects of gameplay, from crafting to damage reduction.

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Just as a note:

The WvWvW is currently reset every 24 hour rather than lasting the whole 2 weeks duration the war is supposed to last.

my guess is that it’s to give the chance for the matchmaker to acquire some baseline value to use for actually matchmaking the servers since we’re currently at the start of the life of the game and thus the matchmaker have no initial value to judge the servers yet.


Quick question for those that are playing. What’s the latency like?
I gave up playing the original guild wars because of the atrocious lag at the time.
If this one has a reasonable ping ~200ish then I’m keen to give it a shot.


Another note, is to keep an eye on your account; more specifically, the email account that is attached to your GW2 account. I already made a thread about it in the RPG/Guild Wars forum about it, so I won’t go into specifics here, but it involves password reset.



I don’t know what the actual ping to the server is, but I can definitely say it’s a lot harder to notice the latency in comparison to the original Guild Wars. I personally haven’t had any ‘wtf lag’ moments as yet.


I am thoroughly enjoying this game.


I also am thoroughly enjoying GW2! You just go run in a random direction and go off on adventure tangents for the next few hours!

I’ve seen 4 PC’s running GW2 through a single net connection and never saw any lag, which is great to see!

Crafting is good fun! Make a few alts and have them all doing different crafting professions! My wife has spent her entire time doing the cooking profession. She’s hit 204 already and has pretty much filled her bank and character inventory with all types of interesting food.(which provide various buffs to ya character)

TIP: Be a tailor or leatherworker so you can make 8 slot bags which helps very nicely with your inventory space! A jewler can make rings and earrings at low level which can give a nice small boost to your stats!

If anyone still experiences hardware lockups(with Nvidia cards) make sure you’re using the latest Nvidia beta drivers! (you get warned about this upon install iirc)


I forgot one last thing…Cooks can craft dyes when they hit the higher levels of the chef profession!



also armoursmith make boxes which slot in like bags


I forgot one last thing…Cooks can craft dyes when they hit the higher levels ofthe chef profession!

they can make WHAT?

bloody hell, time to use all those mats then…

Village idiot

Loving it too. After about 6 different re rolls, I’m finally playing and happy with my Acura theif. Still in the Acura starting area, but loving just aimlessly running around and exploring. I always find myself heading to a renown heart, only to get sidetracked and lost for like an hour.

Its early days, but I hope GW2 has some longevity because I’m liking it.

Village idiot

Stupid iPad and auto correct and stupid comments with no edit capability. Asura… not Acura


Asura FTW. Playing as my fabulous little Asura Mesmer dude. Running around teleporting into butterflies and hitting things with a sword.


I still can’t decide on a profession. Thinking either Ranger or Elementalist at this stage. Looking for a good PvE profession that mostly be playing solo or with couple of friends.

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