War of the Roses beta now taking sign-ups


By on July 9, 2012 at 12:12 pm

The PC elite at Paradox have cracked open the floodgates on Fatshark’s upcoming historical action effort, War of the Roses, by finally allowing beta sign ups. Although it comes equipped with a single-player campaign, Fatshark has freely admitted that War of the Roses is all about team multiplayer, so you should use this time wisely to clamber up the learning curve ahead of the plebs. Visit the game’s website to put your name on the dotted line ahead of its third-quarter release.

Source: VG247

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Done and done. Skeptical about how the game will be so this beta should sort things out. Early on it looked like a COD version of Mount&Blade but some of the more recent videos have shown it to be a little more complex than that.

Also it looks like it uses a referral system, if you get 5 referrals you get guaranteed beta access. PM me if you’d like to help I guess :P (I’m assuming referral stuff is still disallowed by forum rules)


Gah, my paranoid part of my brain is going wild on that page…


Feel free to use my referral link to make the process a little easier. http://waroftherosesthegame.com/?ref=6d24d402ae9

I am looking forward to trying this game and how well it handles ping etc.


This looks awesome. Signed up!



to make it easier.. sure sure ;)

haha did it anyway tho :P


And just in case you missed it, here’s another link to the sign up page! ;P



Here is my personal favorite sign up link,
I’m sure I read some where that it loads faster,
and has free cookies (both edible and webable)



Done and done as well. I saw a bit of this ages ago and it looked interesting.

Definitely keen to see how the beta goes.

Feel free to use this link here instead guys:


I’d love guaranteed access.



Only need 1 more would awesome if someone used mine :D


I do believe those who were apart of the Alpha testing can get instant access to the beta. Fortunately I am one of them.

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