The Secret World having a free weekend next weekend

The Secret World

By on July 28, 2012 at 12:39 pm

To celebrate one month of being, well, launched, The Secret World will be having a free weekend next weekend. Anybody will be able to play the game for free the whole weekend, including people who created and used beta testing accounts but did not end up buying the full game. Special in-game events, rewards and firework-related explosions will also be on offer.

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Might give it a shot – I see Internode is hosting the file *thumbs up*


Was wondering wether I should pick this up or not, guess I will be able to find out this weekend.


I usually don’t go around recomending games, but I was genuinly surprised with the quality and fun of this one.

I got it myself for $38 online to play while I waited for GW2 to launch, but to be honest at the last GW2 beta weekend I couldn’t drag myself away from The Secret World!

I’m not gonna go on about Pro’s and Con’s and the rest, but if you have been looking at trying TSW do it!
All the reviews and video’s I watched really didn’t give justice to the atmosphere and immersion of this game!

A surprisingly great game!

Unworthy King

In general all MMOs are the same (duh) and this one is no exception. Expect to kill 10 of these things and 10 of those. Expect to loot and all the other stuff.

The only difference is that there is no leveling, it’s just skills. Also, there are no classes, but the roles remain.


Putting effort in Investigation quests and attempting to work them out is a lot of fun, especially if you’re playing with a friend. We spent an hour with our characters in one spot attempting to work out logical number sequences (We’re not too great at maths) for a quest. Sometimes an investigation quest gives you a false clue if you make a mistake so dealing with those can be fun. I like having a game that makes you think.

I hate the combat in the game For the most part everything is fine, but it has typical MMO combat in that everything (including you) can take 100000 shotgun blasts to the face. I really want a game with dangerous combat :(

Good quests, typical boring combat that’s acceptable for an MMO. Probably won’t put anything into it except for questing with a friend. Good atmosphere (especially the starting subway quest). Personally I wish it was more ‘secret world’ integrated into the real world rather than ‘secret island where everyone knows everything’.


but it has typical MMO combat in that everything (including you) can take 100000 shotgun blasts to the face. I really want a game with dangerous combat :(

Not that far into the game? Using a good advanced build you’ll kill things in a few shots.


Marius: Not that far into the game? Using a good advanced build you’ll kill things in a few shots.

A few skills you mean, since typically the lethal damage comes from the skills triggering something from another or fueling another one.

But either way that’s a bit off tangent because from the wording of his sentence, i’d suspect he expected a similar danger to you as the player not just the enemy.

and naturally in an MMORPG like TSW (like most MMORPG), that’s unlikely given that MMORPG have to assume the lowest possible barrier to the player, including their latency.

and highly lethal environment and combat where the players and the target can be killed in short order have a rather poor tolerance for high latency.

Personally though, the part i was somewhat disappointed with TSW was the PvP, there’s something missing there that made it far less satisfying… even as broken as Conan PvP was, there was something in it that drew me to it, so i am surprised that i can’t seems to enjoy TSW PvP, not even Pusan.


Will check it out just to see how good the new NVIDIA TXAA is.


Marius: but it has typical MMO combat in that everything (including you) can take 100000 shotgun blasts to the face. I really want a game with dangerous combat :(

Not that far into the game?

When you get off the easy mode starting Island and get to the second zone things change!

The last boss fight of the Anhk 5 man instance for example,

Dps gets agro off tank = 1 to 2 shot death

Anyone doesn’t dodge 2nd boss’s spammed wave spell = 1 shot death

Anyone doesn’t dodge 2nd boss’s spammed orb spell and other players don’t
remove the debuff quick enough = 1 shot death

You fall into the pit the first boss attacks from, and don’t get out within 5seconds = Death

Dps doesn’t distract second boss when he buffs the main boss quick enough = Death

It’s okay we can just combat rez! yay! = No combat resurrection in game, it’s all wipe or clear!

I got so bored with the combat mechanics of MMO’s it’s nice to finally have one where you actually have to think and react not just spam your skill rotation.

You may need to play up to “The Darkness War” instance to start to enjoy these mechanics! Or clear the first Island if your playing solo!


bronzed: A few skills you mean, since typically the lethal damage comes from the skills triggering something from another or fueling another one.

No I really do mean a few shots. With the combo of Lock, Stock, and Barrel and Lock and Load, for instance, you can use only one builder per fight, if you want.

There are many ways to play the game and if people are complaining about builder spam, they’re probably in the early areas, because once you get more advanced skills, you mix it up a bit.

And yeah… in dungeons I really, really do not want to get hit as the healer. Unless I’m wearing 1-2 pieces of tank gear, I’ll get one shot killed by most everything.


So you are self fueling the resource consuming powerful abilities to let you start with the initial big guns as soon as possible, well… technically that is still a few skill, you use the buff or other activated skills to fuel the others, specifically the activated high damage attack skills, only difference there being that we can do part of the process before the combat starts.

Which is a valid setup of course, since we all want to use the big guns when it comes to direct damage dealing (as opposed to status reliance) and the builder is really just a filler until we can get the big gun out so anything that speeds up the process to get there is a good thing.

Kinda reminds me of Champions Online.

And the note on the dungeon pretty much illustrate the whole point though when it comes to MMORPG, with the dungeon the level designer can assume to an extent that the group is more coherent than the public areas and they can also assumes a minimal gear requirement higher than the normal areas, so you dying there would be less of a matter of things being highly lethal (which they are) and more of the designer never expecting someone squishy as you would be in a full healer gear to come into contact with them in the first place. Under their design for it, most likely they would expect something along the lines of: player A with gear level X can survive Y amount of time in direct combat with it assuming no skill used and the time parameter would naturally be assumed taking into account the upper ceiling for latency that the player base is expected to have and one they still expect to be able to play the game.

In the normal world, the designer instead work with the assumption that players will be more or less out for themselves so it will have to assume for instance that anyone of the level range using the lowest possible gear combination that is reasonable can survive Y amount of time with it in the area, even the healer geared player and not just the tank, again taking into account the worst latency that the player can expect on the range of latency considered playable.

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